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  • 7 Best iPhone Apps of 2014 To Educate Your Kids

    Almost everyone are already using smart phones nowadays. The use of these devices enable us to learn and teach in easy ways. In the whole new way of learning in this modern day, we can now use apps and games to educate children. Check these seven of the best iOS applications that will help your […]

  • The Future of BlackBerry: Where can the Manufacturer Go?

    The once mighty BlackBerry is now facing irrelevancy. Its mobile division is seeing declining sales every quarter, with the last quarter one of the world in BlackBerry’s illustrious history. The Canadian organization based out of Waterloo is now trying to sell itself to buyers, and while a deal was thought to have been finalised with […]

  • 6 Best iPhone and iPad Apps For Students

    Both for communication and studying, iPhone marked to be the best smartphone available in the market for the student population. Just April of last year, one-third of U.S high school students were reported owning an iPhone while college students accounted almost 95%. With the huge percentage of ownership of the device amongst students, there came […]

  • Easily Unlist and Remove Your Number from TrueCaller

    Over the past few months, TrueCaller has helped us in tracing the mobile number well ahead in advance, before picking up the phone. Yes, it is of great use and when we get spam call notification, we can disconnect the call or don’t pickup the same. How TrueCaller guess who is calling? When some smart phone user install TrueCaller app […]

  • From Gamer to Creator through Programming Skills

    Many avid gamers are taking their passions and developing a lucrative career every day in programming. Anything that deals with the word “programming” has an intimidation factor to most individuals, but it really shouldn’t. There are over 4 billion people on this planet that play video games. This staggering number averages to over 3 billion […]

  • 5 Reasons Why Windows Phone 7 is Better than Android

    While Windows Phone 7 isn’t the leading OS for mobile devices, there are reasons to make the switch and buy a Windows Phone 7 device instead of an Android device. Retailers usually push customers towards the iOS and Android devices because of their history as great devices fit for everyone. However, that same enthusiasm isn’t […]

  • How to Update your DNS with OpenDNS – A Guide for DNS Settings

    We come across internet outage very frequently, so many times there is an issue with DNS setting of the Internet Service Provider. This outage issue can be resolved easily by using alternative DNS Settings. This OpenDNS Guide will answer not only “What is DNS?” but also provide you with important information about the OpenDNS family […]

  • Play Super Mario Bros Online – Latest HTML5 Online Game

    Remember, last time you asked your friend and downloaded the emulator to play old school games like Super Mario. We also covered about the emulators to play all the 8 Bit games on PC back in 2009! Out of all those game from 8-bit world, Super Mario Bros is favorite for almost everyone. Well, I have […]

  • Why is Android so Important in India?

    With a 79.3% global marketshare (as per IDC), Android sure has become the dominant of the smartphone world. What’s more interesting is Android’s market share in India — a whopping 91 percent (in the second quarter of 2013). What has made Android such a ubiquitous mobile platform in this country? Let’s reverse the timeline a […]

  • How to Schedule Email and Setup E-mail Reminder for Free

    Most people spend about 50% of their work day checking, deleting, and replying to emails. It often feels like email is taking over our lives, and not just those junk emails. Even the useful and essential emails need management and organization. That’s where email plug-ins come in, helping you organize and schedule your emails, even […]

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