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  • How Hybrid Emails Are Transforming E-commerce Business

    An average person receives around 200 emails per day, how do the e-commerce business marketers make sure that their email gets the right attention and open rate? The demand for email advertisement has been bullish and will continue to be so. E-commerce Email Marketing is all about building relationships with your prospective customers. Integrating email […]

  • Updated Digitalocean Review and Free Server for New User

    As you are reading this, the whole world is shifting to the cloud. Systems and processes, data and software that were earlier based on local hardware are moving on to Internet based Cloud Servers. The Cloud is the new catchword of this age. The Cloud is transforming the way we communicate, create, process and store […]

  • How to Delete your Social Networking Accounts with Online Tool

    Deleting accounts for social networking and other community sites can be very difficult and frustrating. Social networking sites need your accounts to improve their statistics and don’t want you to delete them. With Delete Your Account the difficulty of deleting your information from such sites is almost non-existent. Delete Your Account is an online resource that […]

  • Make Computer Sleep Automatically After you Leave Seat

    Saving energy by putting your computer to sleep has just gotten a lot easier. Sonar Power Manager is a free utility that will automatically put your computer to sleep whenever you leave your seat. SonarPM lives up to its name by emitting a low frequency from your computer speakers that is bounced back by your […]

  • Activate Media Player Control Buttons in Laptop Touchpad

    There are lot of features that exist in the small touchpad, which is used as primary device to control mouse on laptop. Physically there are two buttons which are used for left and right clicks. But virtually there are four more buttons on touchpad itself (at each corner). Well, these four buttons are not visible […]

  • Downlaod New Gadgets for Windows 7 Superbar

    After the introduction of Windows Vista sidebar gadgets and Windows 7 gadgets, so many of them came out which simplified a lot of work and enhanced the look of desktop. Now its the time to customise Windows 7 taskbar i.e. Superbar, to get most out of it. In this series of customising it, I had […]

  • Turn Your PC into Wireless Access Point with Connectify

    Sometimes we need to share internet connection with another device – for instance, the friend/relative notebook who visit occasionally. And before that we need a wireless router, or had to sacrifice our internet connection. However, users of Windows 7 can avoid such problems as they have much smarter solution. How to Use Laptop as Wifi […]

  • Get New e-mail Alert through SMS for FREE

    Had quite busy week, got some time to write about this new service. In real you can’t call its a service as this is a form of tweak to get SMS alert of new mails arriving on Gmail. Actually, this tweak uses the same Google Calendar SMS platform which I had discussed few weeks ago […]

  • Share Your Computer with Researcher while Idle – PC for Royal Use

    What your computer does while it is on and you are not doing any work on it? Or while your computer is engaged in downloading stuffs overnight? The CPU remains idle and uses it as little as possible but consumes power. So, at that time why not use the wasted power in useful way? Like, […]

  • Best Funny and Humorous Websites

    Here I have collected some websites which updates with humorous, weird, funny, entertaining, interesting, and jaw-dropping pictures. Some of their topics are like this, 10 of the World’s Worst Jobs, 10 Real Houses Inspired by Cartoons, World’s Most Crowded Places, 10 of the World’s Most Bizarre Laws, 13 Creative Condom Ad Campaigns, World’s Oddest Couples […]

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