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  • Run Mobile Java Applications on Computer PC

    Mobile applications/games based on java have .jar format. So, it not possible to run thsese type of app. directly on computer. First of all, Why do we want to run these app on computer, as these these can easily run on mobile? Well, to try the apps before installing/transferring on mobile handset and this saves […]

  • Automatically Backup your Blog, Twitter, Facebook, E-mail for FREE

    Thinking of a service few days ago and its here on internet launched few days back ! Really amazing, actually, I was thinking of a service which could be able to automatically backup my blogger posts, twitter posts, and facebook posts. But what I got today is mor than enough! Yes, the service exists and […]

  • Get Latest News Headlines Direct on Desktop Screen

    One of the best feature introduced by Microsoft is Desktop Gadgets in Windows Vista and Windows 7 too. But when you will open this widget/gadget you will only see the news from msn news website. Further if you will look into the options to configure it you will only see the options  “Feeds for United […]

  • How to embed Google Wave on Blogger or WordPress blogs

    For last one month I have been using Google Wave and also sent many invites to friends and others. Also watched full video of Google Wave I/O developer conference and here I posted a short article to brief out the features and advantages : What is Google Wave in plain English A week ago I […]

  • How to Eject Stuk DVD from Slot Load DVD Drive – Tips

    For the conventional laptop having tray like DVD Drive, have the facility to eject the tray out to remove the CD/DVD by using pin hole facility, when it got stuck inside. But now a days most of the DELL and other laptops are coming with slot load DVD drives. These slot load drives are very […]

  • Get the Best Antivirus Software for Windows PC

    When it comes to secure system/PC from the Virus, Trojan, Malware, etc., which ever not acceptable to PC health, I have seen many people using their Brain more than the system resources. I mean to say, they either go for installing more than 1 antivirus or install so many fake antivirus tools that affects PC […]

  • BSNL Broadband Can Not Connect to Internet – Problem Fixed

    If you are a BSNL broadband/dataone user, sometimes you may be facing problem in connecting to internet. Like you would be viewing that you are connected to internet , but you would not be able to open certain sites like google,yahoo, etc. This problem is there for a long time, but the good news is […]

  • How Much do You Google? See Your Search History

    Today, I saw “Web History” of my searches at Google.com and got some interesting facts about my searches! Well don’t take it as the History of Google, it is the personal search history collected by google, which you search from it. For a long time, I mean from 2007 they are collecting the search history. […]

  • What is Google Wave in plain English

    From the beginning of this month Google started sending invitations for Google Wave to selected people , who are developers , tech. enthusiast and closer to Google. And sent 100,000 invitation. Since then, A lot of discussions are going on web, about this wave. As very few people got invitation, and those who were lucky […]

  • The Comparison : Zune HD vs. iPod Touch

    Since, both portable media players are out now. Also the problem of making choice getting difficult, as both has got something new to suit the requirement of individuals. So, why not have a look on comparison chart which I collected from different sources. iPod Nano also got many new features but I decided not to […]

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