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A Multitouch Table with 3D Tracking – Sony atracTable

Few weeks back Sony unveiled its HD screen device called the Sony atracTable. This device has a 35 inch, full Hi-Definition touch screen. Developed by a Swiss company, Atractsys, the atracTable will be launched sometime this month, and is bringing significant competition to Microsoft Surface. The Sony atracTable will be able to recognize the movements …

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Microsoft Research’s 3D Multi-touch Technology

Multi-touch interaction has always been a dream of the future. Movies like Ironman 2 and Minority Report, present 3D multi-touch systems as an advanced technology available only in the world of science fiction. But Microsoft Research is turning fantasy into reality. At the 2010 Computer-Human Interaction Conference MSR (Microsoft Research) revealed that it has been …

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4 Best Websites to Download Awesome Desktop Wallpapers

A good Hi-Res desktop wallpaper can have an amazing effect on your day. They can brighten up you work space, and even compliment your surroundings. Wallpapers can drastically change the feel and look of your computer and even effect your mood. Hi-Res wallpapers are not just for computer monitors anymore, they can also be used …

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