Which Sites do I really Like

Well starting from my first article, let me tell you which websites I do really like and why they are quite useful to me…

On top of the chart is: Google

– I think there is no need to give its introduction, as you already know it is the Best Search Engine on Earth. You know I open this site at least 12 per day.

Second most Important is: Gmail

-I prefer using Gmail as my primary e-mail service, which provides me unlimited storage and also desktop client to read mail even if internet service is down which is FREE.

Third one is: Facebook

-This again comes for FREE, which is social networking site. So stay connected with all friends, no matter they are old or new.

Forth one is: Dropbox

-This is file storage and syncing service across multiple devices and the best part is that it is also FREE and until now I have reached to a max of 12Gb through referrals.

Fifth one is: Google News

– Use this site to get latest news from around the world. Not only this you can customize it according to the requirement too bu adding the topics which you like.

Sixth is: Technical site

-There are a lot of technical sites n sites which gives out review on latest software n gadgets which is visit regularly. Like, lifehacker.com, engadget.com, gizmodo.com, gigaom.com, labnol.org, techcrunch.com, thenextweb.com, readwriteweb.com, mashable.com

Thats all, in following days I will post the software I have installed on my laptop..






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