Virtual Wifi Brings Mesh Networks to Windows 7

Wifi mesh networks certainly aren’t a new idea. Heck, it’s a trick even the inexpensive OLPC XO Laptop can pull off.

Utilizing a project Microsoft Research began working on in 2002, Windows 7 will allow us to connect to multiple wireless access points or act as a repeater using a single wireless adapter.

Does your current wireless adapter support VWifi? Probably not right now. Manufacturers will need to make some minor tweaks and recompile drivers. The good news is that Microsoft is requiring VWifi support for Windows 7 logo certification.

If you’re into the more technical aspects, Long Zheng has an architecture diagram and detailed explanation about the inner workings of VWifi on his blog. There’s also a PowerPoint 2007 presentation from WinHEC that you can check out, courtesy Microsoft.

Source: I Started Something



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