Turn Your PC into Wireless Access Point with Connectify

Sometimes we need to share internet connection with another device – for instance, the friend/relative notebook who visit occasionally. And before that we need a wireless router, or had to sacrifice our internet connection. However, users of Windows 7 can avoid such problems as they have much smarter solution.

How to Use Laptop as Wifi Router:

In Windows 7 at the architectural level have been made major changes in the network stack, which, in particular, allow to turn any computer in a wireless access point. The site http://connectify.me/ with free utility called Connectify, it can be done literally in 5 minutes.
To Install the application just go to the site, click the big download button. Run .exe file and follow the installation instructions. After installation, you will see the logo Connectify in the notification area. Now select the network name, set the password, press the “Start Hotspot” button. Now your computer is a wireless access point. On installation and configuration required in general by 5 clicks.
Connectify works in Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2. Why utility does not work in other OS, you ask? Connectify based on technologies used in Windows 7 “- says in the FAQ site. “Frankly, Windows 7 is so good that we recommend that you upgrade your OS, and not wait until we ensure the work of utility in other, older versions of Windows.
So, how do you feel about this new feature, after using it? See you in comments below…



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4 responses to “Turn Your PC into Wireless Access Point with Connectify”

  1. Anonymous Avatar

    How can I get this in Windows Vista?

    1. Mr.Bhavesh Avatar

      It is available only for windows 7 & Windows vista user can not take that advantage.

  2. Ankit Avatar

    This feature can only be used on WIndows 7

  3. Francesco Avatar

    I would love to purchase connectify, but I need to attach a device that does NOT support WPA2 !!!!

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