Top Websites for Purchasing Mobiles in India

You need a new phone. But you don’t want the hassle of going to the electronic store, talking to the people there, have them throw the million offers in your face and expect you to make a decision right then. You want to take your time and look at all the different phones, decide which one best suits your needs and then look at the offers that they have. So one of the best options is to buy the phones is in an online store. Check out the following Indian websites from where you can buy your next phone!



The great thing about Amazon is that for each phone it displays the various offers for it from various sellers. So you can look at their description and be assured about their trustworthiness and go ahead and buy the phone. Every seller will have a different price, so you choose your ideal price among them. Some of them are your well known stores. Customer reviews also available!flipkart


This site has all the brands from Samsung to XOLO and from Windows phone to an Apple iPhone. And you be assured that the latest model will be available here! They provide you with lots of discount on mobiles. And below each phone is a description of what its features are. There is an option of ‘Add to Compare’, so you can compare up to 4 phones at the same time! And you can also know what others think of the same phone from reading about it in the comments section. Be rest assured about the quality!ebay


So Ebay has only 6 brands to offer but it’s a trusted site nonetheless. You’ll find all the latest phones having discount at eBay. On clicking on the phone of your choice, you can read up on the product description. There are many sellers out there and ebay guarantees their authenticity! Add the phones you want to your wishlist and spend your time comparing as to which one you want. And if you don’t like the product once you get it then you are guaranteed 100% refund/replacement.tradus


So this website makes shopping a little easier for you. Have a budget? The site has some preinstalled budget schemes and then it shows you the best phones under that particular budget. So you already are given an idea and a suggestion of what you should be looking for in your phone of a particular budget. This site also has a 7day return policy.snapdeal


Another great website for great discounts and great deals! They have quite a LOT of brands. And to add to this, some of them even have freebies like 3G packs. EMIs are also available. Plus you also have a 7-day return policy. You can compare up to 4 phones here. You also get reviews from other users of the phone.

If you want to avail of better offers check out the websites like for the deal of the day and more exciting discounts! You will find what you need for sure!

Author Bio: Sanjana Rao is a student of Christ University, pursuing an Undergraduate degree in Psychology, Sociology and English. With a penchant for online shopping, she works with content development team at Dealstan.






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