Making A Decision While Buying Online Is Now Easier with FindYogi

Buying online is a decision that the consumer has to make without actually going through a physical specimen of the product. With the number of e-commerce platforms on the rise exponentially along with an equal exponential growth in the number of products that exist in the market, an online buying decision is getting increasingly difficult.

Towards the same, product comparison engine, FindYogi was started to help consumers buying online to not only decide upon where to buy, but also upon what to buy.

FindYogi is led by a young entrepreneur, Naman Sarawagi who believes that comprehendible data and the presentation of the same are key to making a buy which the consumer does not have to be remorseful about later.

FindYogi is funded by the CEO and founder of Way2SMS, Mr.Raju Vanapala. Founded in October 2012, the product initially had only mobiles and tablets in its shopping categories. Within a short period of time however the platform has also added a catalogue for laptops.

How Does FindYogi Work:

FindYogi works on the premise of presenting data relative to the product in a simple, comprehensible and accurate manner. It also presents a scoring metric of the product in the form of a quantifiable value called the feature score. The feature score is a score out of 100 for the features that a product carries.

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FindYogi also quantifies the value for money concept, which in India is a definite need considering we all look for it in everything we buy. The value for money has been presented as the FindYogi Index. It represents whether a product is worth the price it comes for or not by providing an index value out of 5, wherein 5 implies the product has the best value for money.

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Upon selecting a product on the home page, the user is taken to a page wherein there are options to view the detailed specifications of the product, reviews while displaying the online stores in which the products are available. A handy piece of information that is available at this point is the best deal that is available on the particular product. Apart from this some other information that is available include:

Good, Bad & Bottomline: This is essentially a content feature that displays what is good/bad about the product and a bottomline which enables the consumer to know in brief about the product and if it suits his/her needs or not.

Shortlist Feature: The shortlist feature allows the user to select the particular product and compare it with other products which he/she might be considering. The shortlisting function then ranks the product in terms of the features that it carries. Notable in this feature is the fact that it displays the reasons to buy the best ranked phone and also why the user might consider the successively ranked products. This is helpful when the user wants to find a product fit with his/her needs.

It presents all of these features in a clean and easy to use web interface. However as time progresses the site has to develop more in terms of adding content driven features like reviews for every product that it catalogues.

The Future:

Towards the future, FindYogi will have to develop more features and improve upon the present features which will help the consumer arrive at a buying decision more easily. In addition to adding and improving the features, the platform will have to keep adding more shopping categories in order to expand its utility further.







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    Mitesh Sanghvi

    Hey Ankit, this website does make proper sense as it saves real time. I will recommend it to all. Nice and detailed review. Thanks!

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