Make Windows 7 Fast with Small Tweaks – Tricks included

Like the earlier versions of Windows, Windows 7 allow its users to make changes to registry entries to personalize their systems settings. Listed below are a few of these tweaks that you can use to customize your Windows 7 Operating System according to your wish.
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Always remember to backup your Windows Registry before you make any changes. You can backup your Registry by using the Windows 7 Registry Editor Utility, or any registry tool that will work with Windows 7.

Applying these Registry Tweaks:

In order to keep this task simple, all of the tweaks have been put into a single registry file that you need to run. You can do this by simply double clicking on it. This script will make the following changes to your system.

  1. Adds a “Copy To” and “Move To” option to the folder context menus. This lets you copy and move files easily.
  2. Sets Windows to automatically end programs which are taking longer than expected to close on their own.
  3. Lowers menu show delay time, you will see sub-menus faster when selecting their parent menus.
  4. Puts an end to the low disk space checks, no more annoying notifications in the system tray!
  5. Windows will no longer search for a program that has been removed when you attempt to open its shortcut.
  6. Removes the “Search on Internet” prompt in the “Open With” window.
  7. Increases the speed of the Explorer Navigation.
  8. Places a “Take Ownership” option for files, so you can quickly take ownership of these files if you would like to customize them.

If for some reason you do not want to implement all of these changes simply edit the file and remove the parts you don’t want. If you have any doubts you may send in comment.

You can rest assured that this script will not harm your system in any way and that it is 100% safe to apply. Simply download and run the script.

Click here to download the tweak file:
Click here to download uninstall/restore file: incase you want to restore the tweaked settings!



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5 responses to “Make Windows 7 Fast with Small Tweaks – Tricks included”

  1. Anonymous Avatar

    This will NOT speed up anything noticeable at all!

  2. Ankit Avatar

    It speeds up the way you do work! By making these small changes you are removing some features which may be annoying you like automatically ending of programs which are taking longer than expected, removal of annoying notifications from the system tray and so on.

  3. Nitish Debnath Avatar
    Nitish Debnath

    These tweaks helped me a lot. Particularly with "open with" window, that is real annoyance. Thanks

  4. Pranav Avatar

    No able to open the link..Saying ForbiddenError 403- Pranav

  5. Ankit Avatar

    @PranavThanks for informing. I have updated the likes,you can try new links.

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