List of Top 8 iPhone Music Apps for Sound Creators

Music is a mystery. New technologies like iPhone make it closer for everyday life. However, there are many professionals among us who are looking not only for inspiration, but also for special apps that help to create music on the go or record sounds as if you are in sound recording studio. Today, we’ll check top 8 free music apps for sound creators.

1. Timer & Notes


These are default iPhone apps made by Apple that every iPhone owner has. But if you’re professional voiceover talent or a singer, these apps are your best friends. Thanks to timer and notes you can take down you ideas on the fly and make sure that your length is OK for a song or poetry.

2. Garageband


Another great product by Apple is Garageband. The app has everything you need to learn, play, record, mix, and share great sounds. The app promises that it is so easy that even if you’ve never played a note, you can deal with Garageband.

3. Soundcloud



Creative people need to share their findings. Soundcloud is the best place to grab and share your inspiration. Download simple app and upload your singing and vocal performance right from your iPhone. Now every other musician can evaluate your work and comment it.

4. YouTube



The next app every sound-fan shall install is YouTube. Yes, YouTube isn’t only for cats and dogs. It’s a great way to express your music talent. Even Justin Bieber has started on YouTube, why can’t you do the same?

5. Feed

Feed is a popular service for composers who love to mix .wav files and make loops, tones and similar art work. You can cut, join or split audio tracks. Feed app interface is simple yet elegant with usual circles and colorful dots.

6. Orphion



Unlike the other applications in this list Orphion – this is not just another tool for mixing and changing already made tracks or recorded sounds. It’s a real musical instrument. Although the mechanics of it is more reminiscent of piano sounds in the application much more varied – people hear them in a variety of instruments ranging from the violin to the balalaika. One of the main advantages of the application you can build on your own keyboard.

7. Soundrop



Someone might call Soundrop boring or minimalist. It is a rare application that refuses to use common circles, bright colors and geometric shapes in favor of white dots and white segments on a black background. On the screen at the same rate white dots appear that bounce off you built segments and thus constitute the music composition (more monotonous, but no less entertaining).

8. Scape


Scape application is a set of backgrounds, shapes, patterns and colors that user can combine on his/her own, and based on the different combinations, you get the music . Total number of elements is 80; they all appear as long a user creates music. Also Scape gallery contains 8 example tracks as well as multiple playlists in the same style.

To sum it up, music apps for iOS is the category which isn’t deprived of developers’ attention. In the AppStore, you can find dozens of programs with a variety of features and design for both professional musicians and music amateurs.






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