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Learning programming language is a time taking process for beginners who doesn’t have any programming background. It becomes a tedious task for them to understand and clear doubts on their own. Let us say an individual who do not know much about software, it is difficult for them to get to know and learn keywords easily.

Well the web-app which I am going to introduce you to is not only easily accessible but will also make the learning of programming language a fun. Through the interactive console you can easily grasp the keywords and learn smoothly. Finally, after completing the course you would be able to write complex programs too.

I am talking about the web app called Code Academy, it is beginner-focused (no programming experience required), collaborative, and intensive tool. This app provides everything you need learn to code: software and an environment that makes learning and productivity unavoidable. The Co-Founder and CEO of Code Academy, say “We believe that anyone can learn with the right support, resources, and dedication.”

You can easily guess, the way website works for a newbie.

Start Learning Coding Skills with CodeAcademy:

The course structure to learn new language is like this:

Overall you can learn whole course with friends, track and share your progress too. At the end of course you will be able to understand

  • The Ruby on Rails Web Application Framework
  • HTML5 – The new standard for web markup.
  • CSS3 – A powerful styling language for web design.
  • Application Wireframing/Prototyping
  • Test Driven Development/Agile Methodology
  • Software Product Development
in a systematic and organised way.
Visit the website here: codecademy.com and share your experience.



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