Is Windows 7 Driver FREE?

If someone want to install a new Operating System on their machine, first thing come into their mind….oops I will need to get drivers first before installing…and also some others questions regarding the compatibility of the software which they are using.

As I had already written about an article on ” 12 Days with Windows 7 ” , you can consider it as next part of that. I mean ” 1 and half months with Windows 7 “.

In that article I had written about the installation process of Windows 7. Since the installation was quite impressive and won my heart, while I installed it on my Laptop. Since then I have installed it on more than 16 laptops and PCs. And one thing I noticed that their was no need to install any drivers of their hardware. Also all PCs have quite different hardwares varying from processor, graphic cards, sound card, network adapters and many others. And for updating the driver ” Windows Update ” updated them automatically. I even installed it on those PCs which had minimum requirement i.e. had only 1 Gb of RAM. But the result was same, the installations was quite fast, impressive and also they run quite smoothly.

Now , moving on to the next topic, I had also discussed about the problem which “Kaspersky Anti-Virus ” was giving and slowing down of my lappy. I got solution for all. After few days of searching on web I came to that the Built of ” Kaspersky s8.0.0.1081en ” is not compatible with Windows 7 RC on some machine. Finally I uninstalled it and you know what I got after restarting the system – Now my machine was faster than before it was. Now I was searching a new anti-virus for Windows 7 and I finally decided to install ” Avast Anti-Virus 4.8 “. But unfortunately it is not listed on ” Windows 7 security software providers ” website. Even though I installed it. And until now I’m not facing any problem also the system is running smoothly. Don’t know why Microsoft have added this anti-virus on their list !

Troubleshooting option in Action Center is quite useful, whenever I got any problem I used to fix it with this option and the result was quite satisfying..

Since now for those users on whose PCs I had installed Windows 7 RC are quite happy and they are eagerly waiting for the Retail Release. Also when I talk to them on this topic they want to sahre the new discovery on 7 and also asks Tips and Tricks regarding the same.

Final word of Experience is that Why Windows 7 do not require Driver, it is driver FREE ?



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