How to Install and Run Facebook Home on Any Android

Of-late Facebook released their new android app called Facebook Home for limited android devices. Its working fine for high end smart-phone and tablets. Today morning I discovered one xda-developer page where, the developer has ported it to other android devices too.

Following the same I installed the Home on my Samsung Galaxy S II and to my surprise it worked!

Facebook Home

So, here my review for this app:

  • Initial setup of the app takes time- may be due to slow processor or may be as usual Facebook Android app behavior!
  • Facebook Home app is more like a launcher with custom screen cover.
  • Facebook Home has a feel of sliding flip cards.
  • This app is more geared towards Facebook addict.

How to Install and Run Facebook Home on Any Android:

  1. Download the Facebook Home Application.
  2. Extract .rar file after download.
  3. Install com.facebook.katana (FB app), then com.facebook.home (Home app).
  4. Also install com.facebook.orca.apk (Messenger app).
  5. Enable facebook home under facebook app settings.

Note: Before installing above application, remove the old Facebook application.

Credit: xda-developer







One response to “How to Install and Run Facebook Home on Any Android”

  1. Pushkar Avatar

    I ran all this on my Android Phone and I am quite happy to use it.
    Cheers to Facebook!

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