How to embed Google Wave on Blogger or WordPress blogs

For last one month I have been using Google Wave and also sent many invites to friends and others. Also watched full video of Google Wave I/O developer conference and here I posted a short article to brief out the features and advantages : What is Google Wave in plain English
A week ago I recalled that these is also a facility to embed waves in blogs and websites. Better to start with Blogger as this blog is launched at blogger. I started Googling and end up with successful solution which is here. To view the wave you need to have either preview or sandbox account with Google Wave, otherwise you will only see

the login page of Wave. If you have account then don’t worry, just login and you will see full featured wave, also you would be able to comment and reply. I have embedded a Wave bottom of the page as widget, view and leave comment in that widget.

Anyway! here’s how to embed Google Wave in your blog or website.

Update : I have removed wave plugin from bottom of the page, You can still  view the wave here : Click to see Wave. and don’t forget to comment.

STEP – I :

Very first thing to do, you need to know what is your Wave ID ? To know this, simply add to your contacts, and make Mr. Embeddy to participate/add in the wave which you want to embed. And you are finished with this step.


Finding Wave id, see the screen shot below and you will get the wave id:

You will see the id like this : ” W+xe1ffOmCD “, but the wave id is only :  “ xe1ffOmCD “. Copy this id for use in last step.


Adding wave to public. This will enable wave to become public and open to all Wave users. For this you will need to add  to you contact. To do this copy this and directly paste to your contact and hit ENTER. Otherwise it will tell that the user doesn’t exist. After this add this public to your wave by simply clicking on add button of wave. Now your wave is in public and anyone can jump into it and participate. 

STEP – IV : 

Adding Javascript to site. You will need this code (Copy the code from here : ) for Blogger, INSERT the code before the </body>  tag in blogger. This you will get while editing the HTML code for site at blogger itself ( Click on Layout and go to Edit HTML). Save the settings and you are done with this step.
And whats about WordPress ? Heres the code  for WordPress, Copy and Insert this before  .
Now you will be able to embed the wave where ever you want on the blog post.

STEP – V :

Embedding wave id with html code in the post. Copy and paste this code (Don’t forget to replace the Wave id with your Wave id which you collected in Step – II.

560px; height: 420px”>

e.g. if the WaveID is xe1ffOmCD , then :

560px; height: 420px”>

Now you are done with this, Publish the Wave. Give it a try and don’t forget to give Feedback.




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7 responses to “How to embed Google Wave on Blogger or WordPress blogs”

  1. SmashDesign Avatar

    thanks a lot

  2. Ankit Avatar

    you are welcome here…

  3. Faizal Rahman Avatar
    Faizal Rahman

    Test mine, it also show at footer, why?

  4. Ankit Avatar

    @FaizalCheckout, I have updated the post..

  5. Eclipse Sportswire Avatar
    Eclipse Sportswire

    I embedded the code into my Blogspot blog. How do I link everything up so that Google Wave users can live comment on the Blog?

  6. Ankit Avatar

    @Eclipse You need not to link anything, just make the wave public, so that anyone can jump into it and comment.

  7. Lean Avatar

    Google Wave still running?

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