Customize your Google Ads Preferences Which You See?

Did you know you can customize ads which you view on lot of websites through Google adsence program? You can customize it in different ways according to your interest and even completely turn it off, when you don’t want to see ads on website through Google. You can select from wide category of interests ranging from Art & Entertainment, Auto & Vehicles, Finance, Food & Drink to Travel, Sports and even according to different demographics.

Steps to Customize Google Ads Preferences:

Well to start with, head over to this customization page:

Login if you are not, then click “Opt in” button as shown below:

After this you will see new button saying “Add Categories” hit it and from pop-up window select desires categories:

Finally, add interested categories from wide range which can be selected by expanding each category and click “Submit” after selection completes.

When you don’t select any category, you will not view any ad from Google on any webpage.

Remember, your interests are associated with an advertising cookie that’s stored in your browser so, you need not login into your Google account.



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4 responses to “Customize your Google Ads Preferences Which You See?”

  1. Gary David Avatar
    Gary David

    Really really thanks for this. Now I know how to customize the ads. Thank you sooo much.

    1. Ankit Avatar

      Welcome 🙂

  2. Maxine Avatar

    This one is interesting, Never knew we can do this. Thanks for the information.

    1. Ankit Avatar

      Welcome, nice to know you liked this info.

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