Get New e-mail Alert through SMS for FREE

Had quite busy week, got some time to write about this new service. In real you can’t call its a service as this is a form of tweak to get SMS alert of new mails arriving on Gmail. Actually, this tweak uses the same Google Calendar SMS platform which I had discussed few weeks ago to receive “ SMS alert before Friend’s Birthday ”.

How to Get New e-mail Alert through SMS:

Well, this tweak is dead simple, follow these two steps:
Step – I :

Add your mobile & SMS alert to Google Calendar, for this refer to my previous tutorial here: Adding mobile & SMS alerts to Google calendar or Open Google Calendar from here: login and fill your name, location, select Time Zone, press continue. follow this screenshot :
Step – II :

Now open this site: and login with your Gmail id (see left pane of the site):-
Voila, you are done! From now onward you will receive new e-mail alert through SMS.
Further, you can configure “ Daily Scheduling “ and time zone by clicking on “ Settings “ option located at left pane of site, after login.
Not only this you can also Pause the SMS service temporarily.
Overall, according to me this tweak is really useful if you are away from internet. Thanks to Mail2sms. Finally, don’t forget to share your experience in comments below.



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7 responses to “Get New e-mail Alert through SMS for FREE”

  1. Sunil Jain Avatar
    Sunil Jain

    Thanks Ankit 🙂 :)was searching this tip for long time , thanks for letting us know 🙂 🙂

  2. Ankit Avatar

    @Sunilhey friend why not share the trick with friends who needs this?

  3. Sunil Jain Avatar
    Sunil Jain

    @AnkitNot to worry Ankit 😉 , i am linking this post in my upcoming articles 🙂 :)Cheers 🙂 🙂

  4. OlegT Avatar

    Here is a way of obtaining SMS alert from using Google Calendar

  5. lakshmi Avatar

    thanks a lot.. can we get a similar alert when a friend comes online in gmail or gtalk?

  6. ummer_s Avatar

    Hello Ankit,

    Is there anyway get this facility other than Google calender? Google calender is not reliable as it offetn come up with issues on mobile verification. So it is better to have an additonal option along with Google calender mobile notification as it may sometimes stops working.

    Please share if you find any alternative to Google calender to avail this SMS notification facility..

    Look forward to your response

  7. pradip nikalje Avatar
    pradip nikalje

    notify me when new inventions comes

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