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One of the best feature introduced by Microsoft is Desktop Gadgets in Windows Vista and Windows 7 too. But when you will open this widget/gadget you will only see the news from msn news website. Further if you will look into the options to configure it you will only see the options  “Feeds for United States” , “ Microsoft Feeds “ and so on related to the same. But when you are in different country other than US, then you will definitely like to see the feed updates of your country. So how to add custom option to this menu ?
The process of adding the feed is quite easy. Here we go..

> First of all determine which feed or news update service you want to subscribe. Here we want to subscribe the news update from “ The Times of India “. For this lets go to Time of India website, from INTERNET EXPLORER browser, its here : now on the website we will see many category of news, but we want to get news update of India only. For this click on the news of “ India ” option. Here it is : India News. Let the page open fully.

> Now Click on the drop down menu of RSS feed option, which is below the search box, see the figure below:

> Then select the first active option. After you select this option you will arrive to a new b/w page. Now click on “ subscribe to this feed option “ .

> After clicking you will see:

> Simply click on Subscribe button. You are done with this step, close the Internet Explorer window.
> Moving to the step 2. Here we will configure the RSS Gadget, for this first of all activate the gadget so that it would be visible on desktop. After this right click on the widget to select “ Options ”. Then you will see a new window option:

> Now from the drop down menu of “ Display this Feed “, select “ India News, Latest News in India. “ option and if you want to select the number of recent headlines then you can select from second drop down menu.

> Click on Ok button and you are done. Now you will see the latest headlines in the gadget:

> And if you want to see the news in detail then click on the headlines & a new pop-up will appear like:

> Finally if you want to read full details of news then click on read online, and the news will open in browser.
So, in the same way you can subscribe to any feed and you can also add as many as gadgets you want to see various updates on desktop.



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    i had one doubt, is there any option to remove the microsoft news from the gadget? Because after adding to get RSS feed from all the sites i want, If i select the ‘show all’ option in ‘options’ it shows even the microsoft news which i don’t want! So,is there any way in which i can get all the sites’ feed i want excluding the microsoft ones?

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