Get Best Deal on Online Shopping in India

Today, we have a lot of e-commerce websites in India and ofcourse one is different from another in many ways. Whether its price, range of product, service reliability or support in terms of pre or post sales everyone is unique.

Lets talk about the price of the product, which I think most of you would be interested in getting best deal while shopping online. Its quite difficult to search a product on multiple e-commerce websites in one shot, going through one after another.

Well, this problem can be solved by most reliable solution, i.e. searching the product at Google shopping search page.

Here on this page at Google Shopping, you can check best available deals/ price from reliable vendors. For example, last week I wanted to buy the book “The World is Flat”. For this, blindly I would have gone to first search result vendor who is providing this book for Rs. 374 if I was not aware about this service. With search result the most reliable and best deal I got was for Rs. 314. I have attached the screenshot for this search.

So, overall I saved Rs. 60 and also received book the next day!

While doing this search on Google Shopping, some points need to be taken care of:

  • While searching for book, check/ match the ISBN numbers correctly.
  • Check for the reviews and feedback from buyers on the same e-commerce website.
  • If you are not aware about the website, it would be better for you to go for Cash on Delivery option.

Reliable vendors are:,,, and other known e-commerece websites.

Blacklisted website:

To use Google’s Shopping tool, simply enter the product name into the search box at Then, on the results page, click on the “Show Options …” link located above the search results and select “Shopping”. Once you start seeing shopping results, you can also customize your filtering options as required.



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