Fix Google Chrome Crash Problem After Update – Resolved

I have almost migrated to Google Chrome browser. For last 2-3 months I am using it as default browser, as of now it has got a lot of useful extensions which add many new features while browsing. While I updated it from previous older version to new one, it started reacting as I had done something wrong to it!

Report like “ Chrome stopped Working “ became an usual on my PC. After few minutes of browsing, it suddenly crash and restart. In such situation the flow of work get disturbed. Not only this for some sites like orkut and twitter, while opening them blank or some coded page  was appearing. Neither cleaning browsing data nor re-installation helped.
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But fortunately yesterday I got a working solution which is quite easy, lets start with solution.

How to Fix Google Chrome Crash Problem After Update:

Ist Solution to the problem:

1. Close Google Chrome browser, then.
2. For Windows XP, copy & paste this address in the address bar of Windows explorer and hit Enter :
%USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\User Data\
and for Windows 7/Vista copy-paste this address in address bar and hit enter:
%LOCALAPPDATA%\Google\Chrome\User Data\
3. Now Delete the “ Local State “ file permanently.
4. Start chrome and see whether it is working properly.

IInd Solution to the problem:

1. Click on the Google Chrome shortcut.
2. In Target field add “-no-sandbox” or “-in-process-plugins”.
3. Click Apply and Try starting Chrome again.
If even this is not working in your case, then may its an issue with one of the windows file named as “winhttp.dll”. Then try this.

IIIrd Solution to the problem:

1. Click on the Google Chrome shortcut.
2. In Target field add “-new-http
3. Click Apply and Try starting Chrome again..
Hope this will definitely help you, if you have any problem then leave comments below.



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27 responses to “Fix Google Chrome Crash Problem After Update – Resolved”

  1. Anonymous Avatar

    This really fixes the problem??

  2. Ankit Avatar

    Yes, of-course this tweak fix crash problem. I have already tried this on 3 PCs and is successful.

  3. Srivathsan G.K Avatar
    Srivathsan G.K

    actually what is that user data folder is for ? why are we deleting that ?

  4. Ankit Avatar

    @Srivathsanuser data folder contains user's profile info.If you are facing the problem again then delete "Local State" file in user data folder…this can also solve your problem. This process will not uninstall the existing extensions.

  5. Google Chrome User Avatar
    Google Chrome User

    still not working .. i follow your instructions, still crashin like this message "Whoah!Google Chrome has crashed. Restart now?"

  6. Ankit Avatar

    @Google Chrome UserSometimes changing compatibility mode to Windows Vista also works fine. This is the case with few users who reported this tweak is working. Hope this will also work for you. And before changing compatibility, don't forget to remove others tweaks(above), which you did earlier.

  7. Ausama Avatar

    Suddenly and maybe after I have tried to open a harmful page, The site opens many windows and closing them will be slower, I disconnected Net and Task-Manager Closed Google-Chrome, after that it started a situation, not to load anything and the Tabs then after about one minute crashes X-( , Gears page cant be opened, Download folder cant be opened,

    Uninstalling and Deleting whole user data and Re-download and install it again Did not solve the problem

    The Option -no-sandbox makes it works but it says the stability and Security Suffer !!!

    where do you think the problem is, in Registry maybe?

    I need to run Chrome normally.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Ankit Avatar

      Remove this -no-sandbox trick and try installing fresh beta version from here:
      Hope this will definitely help you out. And if you are using Internet Download Manager, then remove advanced integration setting from IDM, as this makes chrome unstable.


  8. SIMS Avatar

    thx…. it works perfectly

    1. Ankit Avatar


  9. Srinivas Avatar

    Wen i open twitter,orkut,flicker and some other sites. they wer not opening and showing some code.
    i tried all the 3 tricks but no result.
    When i tried changing target i found(target box is not valid, make sure that path and file was correct.)

    1. Ankit Avatar

      Please uninstall the older version of Chrome and then re-install it again. Use onsite-installer to install the latest version.

  10. Lea Avatar

    I used google chrome under the supervision of sandboxie but suddenly I always get this message “Whoah!Google Chrome has crashed. Restart now?” Now, I cannot use google chrome under sandboxie. What should I do? I tried the instructions above, but nothings happen. Thanks

  11. profiler1982 Avatar

    this is something what googe must include in update cycles… not tweak by user

  12. Vugar Avatar

    thank you very much. 1st solution helped!!

  13. Gower Avatar

    When I download Chrome, in the uninstall area it shows no size for Google Chrome. I am still getting error and none of the ideas work as I have yet to locate any of those type files or folders on my PC. I am using Windows 7

    1. Ankit Avatar

      Hi Gower, you can use Standalone install version of Google Chrome for this purpose.

  14. Gopi Avatar

    Dude, I rarely say this to anyone. U R GOD…..

    After tirelessly searching for two days for a solution U r the one who helped me get my chrome back again and running. Can’t repay u for this bro.
    Thanks a ton.

    1. Ankit Avatar

      You are most welcome Gopi 🙂

  15. abhay Avatar

    i have same problem but ur not worked,need help

  16. karthik Avatar

    I used all those but none worked out what to do?

    1. Ankit Avatar

      Looking into possible fixes.
      Will inform you very soon.

  17. lusis987 Avatar

    Crashing fix

    Open chrome in incognito window. Open settings and disconnect your google profile.

    It worked for me.

    1. Ankit Avatar

      Wow, that’s great!

  18. RaoYv Avatar

    Chrome Browser crashes with Windows Vista (only during initial launch):

    we have to disable SUPERFETCH service from Vista services:
    – scroll down to locate SUPERFETCH service
    – double-click mouse on SUPERFETCH
    – click APPLY
    – REBOOT the system

    It is good to delete all the files from C:\Windows\Prefetch folder regularly. We can delete the Prefetch folder itself completely, after deleting the Prefetch\Readyboot folder.

    1. Ankit Avatar

      Thats awesome RaoYv.
      Thank you so much for the updated trick.

  19. ranjith nct Avatar
    ranjith nct

    i am musisaun

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