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Easily Unlist and Remove Your Number from TrueCaller

Over the past few months, TrueCaller has helped us in tracing the mobile number well ahead in advance, before picking up the phone. Yes, it is of great use and when we get spam call notification, we can disconnect the call or don’t pickup the same.


How TrueCaller guess who is calling?

When some smart phone user install TrueCaller app on their phone, their contact list get shared along common database, controlled by TrueCaller.

When the find number function is triggered through the app, the name attached to the number is sent to the mobile user. This results in showing the name attached to the number.

Now let’s consider a situation where a person name is saved with different names on different mobile phones, then the result shown will be the first in alphabetical order. This creates an environment of confusion, which may result in rejection of the call.

Due to this reason may are opting to Easily Unlist and Remove Number from TrueCaller Database.

How to Unlist and Remove Your Number from TrueCaller:

To Easily Unlist and Remove Your Number from TrueCaller, follow the following simple steps:

STEP 1: Go to or Click Here

STEP 2: Now Select your country.

STEP 3: Enter your Mobile Number and Enter the Capcha.

STEP 4: And finally hit the blue mail button at right side.

How to Unlist and Remove Your Number from TrueCaller

That’s it, you have Successfully Unlisted! Your mobile number from TrueCaller Database.

Now you don’t have to panic over your Mobile Number being shared online, TrueCaller will unlist your number with in 24 hours once the unlist request has been sent. Once the Number is removed from the Database, anyone who tries to find your number will end-up with no result!

Hop this post will help you getting the thing done.



Prince Baghdad

Your Comment Here…no


Hey ankit…wow ur so intelligent…u have ur own article …i ha read thisarticlebefor bt dint knw u then…i salute u buddy…r u still at tcs


Most welcome Priyanka!


Please send me the link of Truecaller unlist phone number, when I went to the Truecaller website I m not getting the unlist page of country code and captha page , please send me the proper link for unlist phone number from true caller please help me reply me soon


Can the number get relisted again.


The answer should be no.


After unlist you want to get listed you can.


Avinash, you will have reinstall the Truecaller application on mobile.


Hey ….i thought some 1 saved my no as bad word on truecaller. i unlisted my no from truecaller,but it still shows that name when i call on anroide mobile. please help me to delete completely my name from truecaller.


But will this somehow limit my used of the app “truecaller” ?


nice blog its help full thanks…………………(Y)


M nt able to delete it alws shows errors i deactivated it but on unlisting shows error hlp plzzzzz…… On support link it asks for registration id wch i don hv


Now please try again.
Application has been updated!


sir my number is not delete from true caller


Try it once more!


how to unsync contacts uploaded to truecaller ?

sandeep singh

it doesnot work. it shows only it alws shows errors i deactivated it but on unlisting shows error


Sandeep, seems your number might not be existing.


Could not unlist no from truecaller….error showing ” invalid number”.. plzzz help me


Keep on trying.
Sometime the server remain busy.


hey Ankit
i hide my number from true caller now i want show my number on true caller so plz help me…


hey Ankit
i hide my number from true caller now i want show my number on true caller so plz help me…


Mynk, please reinstall the app and then register with trucaller.


oka i will try bro…


Want to delete / unlist my no. From true me..


Hi Sakshi,

You the official Trucaller Link, given in above link to unlist your mobile number.


hi…i have been trying to unlist my no from true caller but somehow it doesnt. i also do not have the truecaller app. so i dont know why it cant unlist


Wycliffe, try it again from the TruCaller Website.


Hello Ankit,

Recently i deactivated and also unlisted my number in truecaller, but still when i tried calling my contact no from others who uses truecaller App, my name still visibles. I want my contact to be hided from any others contacts, because some unknown people are contacting me. can you help?


Hi Shanker,

Seems it is taking time to replicate the change through out the Mobile App at once. In your case this thing would have happened, you might be calling to a number whom you would have called earlier, when you had your number listed and the receiver now have cached version of your contact detail in his/her Truecaller App. So, it was popping your detail.
Finally, to test this out whether Truecaller has de-listed your number, call new mobile number which has fresh App install, whom you have never called before, you will get to know the working.


If I type my number in truecaller it shows my Facebook profile picture. I want to remove the picture alone without delisting my number. Is it possible?


Sorry Patrick, I have never came across any thing like to delist only the profile picture.
I think you should try de-linking Facebook account from Truecaller.


I unlist but its shows your verification is wrong and unlist successfully what can i do

Payal sharma

Unlist account

nishad nzim

i like it true caller apps


i dont want this app


if I don’t have account on true caller still my name shows against my no. then how to remove name and no.??


Please have a look through this guide:


i tried this link but whn i go it shws 2 optn downloaf and sign in i tried but its not helping


done with it i tried it on another browser if it shows green tick means i have successfully unisted


That’s great to hear!


Did not know about this.. thanks


Thanks buddy its really an awesome article 🙂

Abhishek Jungi

Thanks for this informative post, its really helpful for me

Keep Posting….


When I click on unlist it shows invalid even if I type the code correctly can u help me

golam rabbi



I’m trying to unlist my number but it’s nt working plz anyone help

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