Easiest Way to Share Wonderful Images Online

Remember how often you come across a situation where you need to urgently show companion for “Photos”, or in a video/ picture? You must attempted to send it using the same client, which communicates, or open the mailbox, attached a picture to the letter and sent. Such a set of action brings boredom, and the service which I am talking, Dropmocks does this in less than 10 seconds.

Easier, perhaps, send images by thought. Because when you use Dropmocks do have exactly three steps:

  1. View in the browser address http://www.dropmocks.com/ . If it is bookmarked, then even better.
  2. Move the mouse over the desired image (or several) in the form appears in the browser field.
  3. Copy- paste and send the unique link in the lower right corner of the screen.

Images appear instantly and single file size is limited to 900 KB. So, the raw multi-megabyte gallery show the source as a fail.

Images are displayed as thumbnails to the size of the browser window copies. But when you make a picture active and select the menu that comes by clicking the right mouse button, selecting “View Image”, you can see them at full resolution what you saved. In the case of lot of pictures, they all appear in the list on the right. There you can remove them from the set.

Most importantly – no registration required. Although, if you want you can log in using your account Google. In this case the unique name will be saved and will be available in the drop-down menu below the file list.

The only thing that remains unclear – how long images are stored until you delete from the server. Indeed this is not mentioned anywhere, but because the service can be classified as instantaneous, it unlikely store for a long time.

Whole service is made ​​solely on CSS and Javascript, without the use of Flash. Author – Glen Murphy (Glen Murphy), UI-designer of the Google Chrome browser and operating system Chrome OS.



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