How Hybrid Emails Are Transforming E-commerce Business

An average person receives around 200 emails per day, how do the e-commerce business marketers make sure that their email gets the right attention and open rate?

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The demand for email advertisement has been bullish and will continue to be so. E-commerce Email Marketing is all about building relationships with your prospective customers. Integrating email marketing automation for your e-commerce business would help you attract your subscribers to offers and of course, make a purchase.

The right mix of art and science is what email marketing requires for the e-commerce business customers to make a sale.

E-commerce Email Marketing helps in detecting the behavior of your visitor on site and sending them an email according to their behavior.

For e.g., you were about to buy a smartphone on Amazon, but let’s say, due to internet failure you couldn’t make a purchase. Now you receive an email from Amazon that states that your cart contains the smartphone that you were about to purchase and urge you to complete the purchase before stocks get out.

Isn’t it smart?

Email marketing for e-commerce has shifted its usage from mare cart abandonment or weekly offers to exciting lead nurturing stage through its campaign and list management feature, as well.

Customer Intelligence and Predictive Analysis through email marketing is now possible

Devising ways to get the customer to click is one method to engage a lapsed customer who hadn’t bought in three months, wishing them on their birthdays can be a highly rewarding experience for the prospects. Referral emails with a coupon code are also a way to make a sale and expand at the same time.

Indian furnishing company “Urban Ladder” sends a long engaging email with their latest designs in Furniture. Notice the way they make it engaging enough by an inserting contest at the end.UrbanLOGO

Urban Ladder successfully instills recall value for the customer and also makes sure the prospect reads the entire mail to enter the contest.

Urban Ladder’s Welcome Email shows their founder’s story and the birth of Urban Ladder upon signing up.

All these examples show the importance of customer personalization and segmentation.

“According to a Custora study that analyzed data from 72 million customers shopping on 86 different retailer sites, online retailers have quadrupled the rate of customer’s acquisition via email to nearly 7 percent.”

E-commerce Business is going to get benefited by email marketing. How?

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Providing immediate incentives to the prospects –

Referral programs: UBER does it. So can you. Referral program through social sharing button or coupon codes would make it easy for them to share it with their peers.

Educate your prospects: Make them creative and clickable! Add teasers and jokes around your product and make them aware of your e-commerce business.

Why is Email Marketing Solution required for E-commerce Business?

Email technology that was used some years back has evolved concerning insights and analytics.

Mass messaging to the bulk subscribers segmented by the marketing funnel and where they stand in it:  Analytics have helped track the position level of the prospects. The funnel allows the marketers to know how close are they to make a purchase from their site. This prospect to customer journey is effectively measured through analytics dashboard that helps them optimize their campaigns as they go.

  • No more beating around the bush: With the interactive dashboard and better subscriber management, marketers know what is clicking for their email marketing campaigns and what is not. Making it all possible with less cost and time. This helps in cost optimization and allocating required funds for the campaigns that otherwise, needs more spend.
  • Emails are personal. So should be the experiences – Special discounts to loyal customers, early shopping flash sales, future prizes, raffles, and contests are some ways to address your customers. But – sending them super personalized emails will be an icing on the cake by delighting the customers as a way of lead generation.
  • Customer personalization: Hybrid Email marketing is smart to segment the prospects according to the frequencies of receiving the email letter and the funnel position. Responsive design makes emails look like it is sent through a human, and not a computer. So, even if you are about to send a 10% discount coupon to all your prospects, by using their names and words like “discount – just for you” would make the email look professional.
  • Integrating of multiple relay servers at once: Skipping the technicalities of multiple relays at once, let us just say that your emails will get delivered to your recipient’s inbox directly, and not the SPAM folder. These improvements in technical issues help in reducing the bounce rates and successful delivery of all the bulk email at once.
  • Email deliveries reliability: Corporate domains are used for sending most emails like Gmail, Yahoo, and These are the places where the emails can be marked as junk or spam. So solve this, approaching Google wouldn’t be the right choice. The right mix of content/images break up, technology such as SMTP and ISPs, gateway filters are monitored so that the mail reaches the right inbox.
  • Reputation management: No matter how creative you be at devising the best-looking emails- will have no value if it lands in the spam folder of the recipient. Falling in a spam folder could harm the reputation of your business and a wastage on the efforts as well.

We need to understand reputation management and address the problem related to it accordingly.  Reputation management through email marketing. Call to actions like “Subscribe to our newsletter,” “Get free access to our research” actually help track the growth rate of the subscriber list.

All these factors lead to better open rate and click rates for email marketing campaigns. Through a reliable Email Service Provider, budget optimization of your campaigns is a breeze through interactive dashboards and analytics.

Why EasySendy Pro is one stop solution for your e-commerce business email marketing woes.

  • Revenue generation: With the excellent features like autoresponder, list segmentation, custom template design, email separation, campaign analytics, low bounce rate. EasySendy Pro helps in revenue generation for your e-commerce business.
  • Building great brand value: We all know that loyalty and trust is a two-way street. Once the reputation of your brand is established, customers trust and loyalty go a long way that will help you bring measurable goodwill with your email campaigns. EasySendy Pro helps your emails land in the primary inbox of your prospects, so you don’t have to see the bounces in your dashboard again.
  • Minimum spamming ratio: Spamming ratio is the least because of hybrid email marketing technology used in EasySendy Pro.

One thing that we would like to add in the end is “You are either very lazy and not focused on making sure that your email is getting delivered to the inbox.”






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