Different Video formats – Which player is best to run it ?

Every one likes to watch movies and video on computer/PC. But unfortunately today a large number of video formats are available in market ranging from .wmv , .avi , .mov , .divx , .mp4 , .mkv , .mpg , .ts , .vob , .dat , .rm , .rmvb , .flv and so on…. and for smooth running of video, a good combination of media player is quite important.

Again the choice becomes more complicated when, we have to deal with Media Players, today there are too many varieties of Media Players available some of them are paid and some of them are freeware or open source. So, what is the perfect combination of video format and player to play a video smoothly, and also at the same time should not use much CPU and RAM so that PC don’t become slow.
One of the most important thing we observe that the built in Media Player in Windows Operating System, i.e. Windows Media Player only supports very few number of formats such as .wmv and .mpg and so on. If you want to play other format of videos then, you will require to download codec, which will be heavy on your pocket as these are not available free.
And also you would have listened about codec packs which are available freely, but again there are so many codec packs, you will think which one is the best..??

Well coming to point, according to my experience on Windows Vista OS, the well know codec pack ” Vista Codec Pack ” is the best solution if you love to play video in Window Media Player . Install the latest version of it and enjoy playback on Window Media Player. If you are using 64-bit version of Vista then along this codec pack you will need to install ” Vista Codecs x64 components ” as this will resolve the issue of two version of Window Media Player namely x86 and x64 version. I opted for this codec pack over other because this pack also gives support for Thumbnail creation in Windows Explorer which gives awesome look.

In next article I will tell about the best Free Media Players to deal with different kind of video formats, if you don’t like to use Windows Media Media Player.








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