Control PC via Mobile – by using Bluetooth – Bluetooth Tricks

Most of would have thought about controlling PC/Laptop from mobile would be convenient, if possible…!…or you may have some of your friends having this in their mobile by default, and would have thought it is possible from mobile…!

How to Control PC via Mobile:

Anyways now it is possible to do this, just you have to do two things.

First of all you will have to install a software named ” Bluetooth Remote Control ” on the PC/laptop having bluetooth, which you have to control and finally install java based mobile application on the mobile, through which you can control PC. And you are done, now pair both and start enjoying the features. In a way you will say Bluetooth Remote Control turned my Bluetooth enabled mobile phone into a universal controller for Window. But remember this software is not a freeware, this is shareware and this is available at $12.95 , and you can try it for 30 days before buying..!

Here are some of the awesome features:
· Control iTunes, PowerPoint, Mouse, WinAMP, Windows Media Player and much more .
· Change system volume
· Start screensaver
· Lock workstation
· Shutdown Windows
· Start screensaver
· Full support for controlling the PC mouse
· See the computer desktop on the phone
· Zoom in and out of the desktop
· B&W colors for faster response time
· Enter text

For more information on this see its web-page here:
You can also download it form here.

Now you can also download this Software for Windows 8, check the detail here.



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  1. Vinay Avatar

    The alternative for this
    “Mobile Which Remote”
    and it is free of cost
    Don’t try it use it !!

  2. Rajiv Avatar

    Ankit if could suggest me how to browse i& download from aircel mobile in 3G speed free?

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