Contact Tech-Tweak was started back in January 2009, and until now it has 150+ blog posts. Blog posts were written by the owner and they focused mainly on Internet, Mobile, Website and Startup. Each day, the blog gets more than 2000 unique hits.

Most of the blog posts were written to help internet users to get best out of the available technology. Tips and Tricks were also featured on others websites.

Currently, I am looking to post, guest blogs on following topics, which can also include productivity tips:

  • Mobile, Android Apps, iPhone Apps, Mobile Technologies, Mobile App Reviews, App Tips and Tricks.
  • Web Apps, Web app review, Web app development, Web app Tips and Tricks.
  • Windows Updates, PC Tips and Tricks, PC Software, Software Review.
  • SAAS App Review, SAAS App Tips and Tricks, SAAS enterprise app review.
  • Start-up reviews, Start-up Stories.

Well here are the posting guidelines:

  • Blog Post should be Genuine, natural and manually written.
  • Blog Post should not be less than 500 words.
  • Blog Post should be SEO Optimized.
  • Blog Post Should not have more than 2 Outgoing links.

Also, I will only be interested in posting quality articles, please avoid any sort of based on Adult, Casino and other disassociated promotions.

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