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  • How to Update your DNS with OpenDNS – A Guide for DNS Settings

    We come across internet outage very frequently, so many times there is an issue with DNS setting of the Internet Service Provider. This outage issue can be resolved easily by using alternative DNS Settings. This OpenDNS Guide will answer not only “What is DNS?” but also provide you with important information about the OpenDNS family […]

  • Download the Latest Extreme Trim Windows 7 Installer ISO

    Windows 7 have a lot of applications, fitting according to users requirement and if you do not want some of the apps to install, which will significantly increases speed. To do so, there is an application called “RT Se7en“ to extremely customize and modify Windows 7 installer ISO. Not just removing elements but you can […]

  • 4 Best Websites to Download Awesome Desktop Wallpapers

    A good Hi-Res desktop wallpaper can have an amazing effect on your day. They can brighten up you work space, and even compliment your surroundings. Wallpapers can drastically change the feel and look of your computer and even effect your mood. Hi-Res wallpapers are not just for computer monitors anymore, they can also be used […]