Category: Windows Vista

  • Software Installed on my Laptop

    These are few software which I have installed on my laptop, which is a perfect combination (according to me) to run run Windows Vista on my laptop smoothly, and give out maximum performance. 1. Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 – Antivirus As this is most important of all because it protects my system from several threats […]

  • Windows XP to Windows 7 – Transformation Pack

    Its almost a month since Windows 7 beta experience program had been closed .Geeks and and Windows Vista users now have Windows 7 on their desktop.Or probably they have the opportunity .But still many people are using Windows XP as their default OS .Cause they don’t have enough RAM and other system resources that offer […]

  • 12 Days with Windows 7 RC – Windows 7 Review

    Since Beta stage of Windows 7, i am using it as primary Operating System on my HP Pavilion laptop, which was 64-bit. And also installed 32-bit RC Built.7100 on 6 May. Installation of RC was pretty good and smooth, one of the best feature I seen that, I did not required to install any drivers. […]

  • Get Latest News Headlines Direct on Desktop Screen

    One of the best feature introduced by Microsoft is Desktop Gadgets in Windows Vista and Windows 7 too. But when you will open this widget/gadget you will only see the news from msn news website. Further if you will look into the options to configure it you will only see the options  “Feeds for United […]

  • Activate Media Player Control Buttons in Laptop Touchpad

    There are lot of features that exist in the small touchpad, which is used as primary device to control mouse on laptop. Physically there are two buttons which are used for left and right clicks. But virtually there are four more buttons on touchpad itself (at each corner). Well, these four buttons are not visible […]

  • Make Computer Sleep Automatically After you Leave Seat

    Saving energy by putting your computer to sleep has just gotten a lot easier. Sonar Power Manager is a free utility that will automatically put your computer to sleep whenever you leave your seat. SonarPM lives up to its name by emitting a low frequency from your computer speakers that is bounced back by your […]

  • All about Microsoft Office 2010

    Now Microsoft Office 2010 is fully final and ready for sale. The event of Office 2010 has been a long road and with all that time, Microsoft’s Office team been hard at work to incorporate a large number of new features into the brand new model to assist make Office even better than ever. The […]

  • Reduce Start-up time of Windows by Removing Ghosted Drivers

    Are you aware that your computer could be full of Ghosted Devices? Much like humans fear real ghosts, your Personal Computer is also afraid of these virtual ghosts. These ghosts can cause your computer to start up and run at a speed slower than usual. Ghosted Devices are also known as Hidden Devices, these devices […]

  • Download Microsoft Security Essentials 2 | Download MSE

    Microsoft Security Essentials 2– A free anti-virus, on which I rely and even prefer others to use, continues to satisfy my needs of security related to PC and data. As I posted earlier “Best Antivirus Software”, no doubt it continues to win race for this year too. Recently I also wrote 10 Simple Tips to Protect […]

  • How to Synchronize File Across Computer & Mobile Device?

    I’m sure many who have a computer at home and at work, often face problem with the synchronization of files between two computers. Someone uses a flash drive for this, some external hard drive, and some throws (if the information is not much) information by e-mail at home/work address. As an example, let’s say, passwords […]