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  • Download Microsoft Security Essentials 2 | Download MSE

    Microsoft Security Essentials 2– A free anti-virus, on which I rely and even prefer others to use, continues to satisfy my needs of security related to PC and data. As I posted earlier “Best Antivirus Software”, no doubt it continues to win race for this year too. Recently I also wrote 10 Simple Tips to Protect […]

  • 10 Simple Tips to Protect PC from Viruses – Windows Tips

    Was little busy with my college works, so I was not able to write for few weeks. Now I am back. Well, lets start of with the problem. If your computer is infected, it can suddenly turn off, found that certain files are missing or do not open, or programs work slow. Should I ignore […]

  • Which is Better 32-bit or 64-bit? – A Comparison

    Do you run a 64-bit or 32-bit operating system? or which version of Operating System better to have? If you do not know the answer to this question, you probably do not. 32 -bit and 64-bit versions of Windows is very similar to each other, so that each version of the OS can not be […]

  • Windows 8 – New Interface and Features

    No secret that today Microsoft showed what the interface will be like coming in next year’s Windows 8 (if you do not know what it looks like – see below, there are screenshots and video). At first glance it looks very cool, at least, is a global rethinking of the operating system interface. But let’s […]

  • How to Update your DNS with OpenDNS – A Guide for DNS Settings

    We come across internet outage very frequently, so many times there is an issue with DNS setting of the Internet Service Provider. This outage issue can be resolved easily by using alternative DNS Settings. This OpenDNS Guide will answer not only “What is DNS?” but also provide you with important information about the OpenDNS family […]

  • Reduce Start-up time of Windows by Removing Ghosted Drivers

    Are you aware that your computer could be full of Ghosted Devices? Much like humans fear real ghosts, your Personal Computer is also afraid of these virtual ghosts. These ghosts can cause your computer to start up and run at a speed slower than usual. Ghosted Devices are also known as Hidden Devices, these devices […]

  • Why Windows Live Essentials Wave 4 is so Essential

    Why is Windows Live Essentials is so essential? As a result of a method that Microsoft Windows 7 doesn’t include an iLife-sort suite of client apps pre-installed on Mac, but you’ll be able to obtain the free Windows Live Essentials to fill this role with a lot of wonderful new features! One Microsoft trend Windows […]

  • Download Fresh Flowers Theme Pack

    Download Free Fresh Flowers Theme Pack for Windows 7/Vista and Windows XP. Download it from here: – For Windows XP users, rename the file extension to .zip and extract the wallpapers to set desktop background.