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  • Save Money by Making Your Own Ringtones – Create Ringtone Online

    Web application Make Own Ringtone creates ringtones from your own music files with an easy to use interface and optionally sends them directly to your phone via SMS or email. Using the application is as simple as uploading your music files in MP3, WMA or OGG format, dragging the sliders to the point of the […]

  • How to Capture Full Screenshot of the Webpage – Online

    Ever wanted to take screenshot of your webpage. In simple you can capture screenshot of your opened webpage by pressing “Prt Scr” in your keyboard and paste into paint editor and edit the captured screenshot as you like. But from this you can’t take full screenshot of the webpage. Here’s the 2 online thumbnail generator […]

  • Test Your Internet Speed For Free – Online

    Did this web page loads slowly for you ? Did you get low Download speed as promised by your ISP previously ? You might have internet speed problem. Here are the tips, where you can check your Internet Speed for free online. Speak Easy – You can chose lots of locations to check on your […]

  • 4 Disposable Email Services to Fight Spam – Temporary E-mails

    If you’re looking for a little anonymity and security when signing up for download links or invite codes, a disposable email service is a good option. Instead of providing one of your working email addresses, just grab a meaningless temporary one from any of these sites and keep your identity hidden. These four sites all […]

  • Add Bing Search Engine to Firefox Search Box

    As Bing is getting popular now-a-days and many people have started using this as their default search engine, adding Microsoft Bing search engine to your firefox would be great  deal to save your time and make searching faster. We need to add Bing Search engine extension for Firefox to do this. Add Bing Search Engine […]

  • BSNL Broadband Can Not Connect to Internet – Problem Fixed

    If you are a BSNL broadband/dataone user, sometimes you may be facing problem in connecting to internet. Like you would be viewing that you are connected to internet , but you would not be able to open certain sites like google,yahoo, etc. This problem is there for a long time, but the good news is […]

  • Automatically Backup your Blog, Twitter, Facebook, E-mail for FREE

    Thinking of a service few days ago and its here on internet launched few days back ! Really amazing, actually, I was thinking of a service which could be able to automatically backup my blogger posts, twitter posts, and facebook posts. But what I got today is mor than enough! Yes, the service exists and […]

  • Best Funny and Humorous Websites

    Here I have collected some websites which updates with humorous, weird, funny, entertaining, interesting, and jaw-dropping pictures. Some of their topics are like this, 10 of the World’s Worst Jobs, 10 Real Houses Inspired by Cartoons, World’s Most Crowded Places, 10 of the World’s Most Bizarre Laws, 13 Creative Condom Ad Campaigns, World’s Oddest Couples […]

  • How to Delete your Social Networking Accounts with Online Tool

    Deleting accounts for social networking and other community sites can be very difficult and frustrating. Social networking sites need your accounts to improve their statistics and don’t want you to delete them. With Delete Your Account the difficulty of deleting your information from such sites is almost non-existent. Delete Your Account is an online resource that […]

  • Which Sites do I really Like

    Well starting from my first article, let me tell you which websites I do really like and why they are quite useful to me… On top of the chart is: Google – I think there is no need to give its introduction, as you already know it is the Best Search Engine on Earth. You […]