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  • Can Start-ups Create a Phenomenon like Google Plus During Launch?

    Here’s a question, how many of you very badly wanted to have a Google plus invite? I know most of you did. It is very typical of Google to launch their services on an invitation-only model e.g. Gmail and now Google Plus. People around the world get desperate to have their hands on an invite. […]

  • 7 Most Productive Tools for Startup

    Being a start-up company, one think a lot before spending money on technology. And everything you want to be perfect and fast in first time itself. You do not want to take a lot of risk, invest time and money on adapting any technology. So, here I have prepared a list of 7 most productive […]

  • Learn Coding Skills the Easiest Way Online

    Learning programming language is a time taking process for beginners who doesn’t have any programming background. It becomes a tedious task for them to understand and clear doubts on their own. Let us say an individual who do not know much about software, it is difficult for them to get to know and learn keywords easily. Well […]

  • Making A Decision While Buying Online Is Now Easier with FindYogi

    Buying online is a decision that the consumer has to make without actually going through a physical specimen of the product. With the number of e-commerce platforms on the rise exponentially along with an equal exponential growth in the number of products that exist in the market, an online buying decision is getting increasingly difficult. […]

  • How to Track Friend’s Career Growth & Changes using Facebook

    Keeping track of friends career growth and comparing it is good bench-marking tool for personal growth. This will let you know where you stand and how much you are worth, with the same degree as your friend have. Today in this interconnected complex world keeping track is little difficult. But at the same we have few hack around […]

  • Sending 1 Million Marketing Emails per Day at $100 with Amazon SES

    Its been a while since we took a detour from the way we were marketing our e-commerce products. We were relying on Search Engine Marketing to market the products but now shifted to Real time Email Marketing campaigns, starting with around 1000 emails each day and slowly scaling our systems to make the number almost […]

  • 12x Cheaper Mailchimp Alternatives for Email Marketing

    When we started updating our blog on a regular basis, we felt there is a need to send email updates to our subscribers on a regular basis to keep the visitors returning to our website. Initially we started to send updates with Google Feedburner Email Subscriber Update feature, which is of course free, but came […]