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  • Download Your Tagged Photos from Facebook with PhotoGrabber

    Did you know that Facebook is one of the largest photo sharing sites on the web? Well, it is. Photo sharing is just one of the many features of Facebook. With Facebooks photo sharing system you are automatically given permission to view any photo that you have been tagged in. How to Download Tagged Photos […]

  • All about Microsoft Office 2010

    Now Microsoft Office 2010 is fully final and ready for sale. The event of Office 2010 has been a long road and with all that time, Microsoft’s Office team been hard at work to incorporate a large number of new features into the brand new model to assist make Office even better than ever. The […]

  • Develop Android App – Without Programming Skills

    Earlier this month, I received my invitation of App Inventor for Android from Google. This web based tool makes it easy for anyone to create Android applications without having to know how to write in a programming language. Instead of writing code, you design the application visually by solving puzzles! According to the principle, it […]

  • How to Synchronize File Across Computer & Mobile Device?

    I’m sure many who have a computer at home and at work, often face problem with the synchronization of files between two computers. Someone uses a flash drive for this, some external hard drive, and some throws (if the information is not much) information by e-mail at home/work address. As an example, let’s say, passwords […]

  • A Social Aware Centralized Contact Management System

    How do you feel when you get a mail from unknown address? And when you get to know that person as soon as you open that mail. Hopefully you will feel more comfertable in second case as compared to first one. Yes, it is possible and this feature can be integrated directly with Gmail and […]

  • Creative Ways to Use Cloud Storage Services for Free

    Many people still look at the cloud as a way to back up their data. While data backup is important, and cloud backup is certainly reliable, most cloud storage services allow you to do things far beyond traditional backup. Let’s take a look at five creative ways to use the cloud. 1) Unify your documents […]

  • How to Block Websites in Google Chrome Browser

    Sometime you may want to block few websites on your computer. May be you are looking to concentrate more on your work and want to block social media websites like Facebook or Twitter. Yes, with Google Chrome Browser you can block websites in the same way you can block them on Internet Explorer (IE). It […]