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  • Software Installed on my Laptop

    These are few software which I have installed on my laptop, which is a perfect combination (according to me) to run run Windows Vista on my laptop smoothly, and give out maximum performance. 1. Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 – Antivirus As this is most important of all because it protects my system from several threats […]

  • Different Video formats – Which player is best to run it ?

    Every one likes to watch movies and video on computer/PC. But unfortunately today a large number of video formats are available in market ranging from .wmv , .avi , .mov , .divx , .mp4 , .mkv , .mpg , .ts , .vob , .dat , .rm , .rmvb , .flv and so on…. and for […]

  • Emulators for Different Players – Video Game Emulators

    Ever wanted to play NES , XBOX , Virtual Boy , PlayStation , PlayStation 2 , GameBoy Advance, GameCube, Genesis / Sega CD, MAME and others on you lovely computer..? If yes, then you are at right place here. ZOPHAR’s Domain can also be called by other name as ” Heaven of Emulators ” The […]

  • Control PC via Mobile – by using Bluetooth – Bluetooth Tricks

    Most of would have thought about controlling PC/Laptop from mobile would be convenient, if possible…!…or you may have some of your friends having this in their mobile by default, and would have thought it is possible from mobile…! How to Control PC via Mobile: Anyways now it is possible to do this, just you have to […]

  • Windows XP to Windows 7 – Transformation Pack

    Its almost a month since Windows 7 beta experience program had been closed .Geeks and and Windows Vista users now have Windows 7 on their desktop.Or probably they have the opportunity .But still many people are using Windows XP as their default OS .Cause they don’t have enough RAM and other system resources that offer […]

  • Make Internet Explorer 8 Fast Again – Re-configure IE

    I’m using Internet Explorer 8 in Windows 7, since Beta and now windows 7 RC. But after some days of use of Windows 7 the speed of IE8 decreases. I mean the start up time and the time taken to open a new tab in IE8 increases, this makes the surfing dull. But the solution […]

  • How to Make Fake Pen/USB/Flash Drive Genuine/reset to Original Capacity?

    **I have changed some of the facts about USB Pen Drive, like from where I bought and related to its manufacturing company. Few months ago I bought a supposedly 8GB USB drive pretty cheaply from a person. Luckily for me a user messaged me with their suspicions that the seller was selling hacked drives. For […]

  • 12 Days with Windows 7 RC – Windows 7 Review

    Since Beta stage of Windows 7, i am using it as primary Operating System on my HP Pavilion laptop, which was 64-bit. And also installed 32-bit RC Built.7100 on 6 May. Installation of RC was pretty good and smooth, one of the best feature I seen that, I did not required to install any drivers. […]

  • Free Nero 9 Download – CD/DVD Burning with Nero Software

    To grab users attention by providing free tools with limited features, is becoming a hot trend now a days. Recently Norton IS’09 free version was announced and now NERO doing the trick. This version of NERO does not require any crack, keygen or serial product key. The NERO 9 Free Edition supports only following features […]

  • Pimp Volume Control in Windows – Style the Windows Volume Control

    Pimp your desktop with beautiful volume control notification and volume hot hot-key with 3RVX . Its a free application to enhance the experience on PC. You can manage volume control with the keyboard assigned. Its a small application packed with beautiful themes which popup on screen with sound during volume adjustment. You can also control […]