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  • Software Installed on my Laptop

    These are few software which I have installed on my laptop, which is a perfect combination (according to me) to run run Windows Vista on my laptop smoothly, and give out maximum performance. 1. Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 – Antivirus As this is most important of all because it protects my system from several threats […]

  • 12 Days with Windows 7 RC – Windows 7 Review

    Since Beta stage of Windows 7, i am using it as primary Operating System on my HP Pavilion laptop, which was 64-bit. And also installed 32-bit RC Built.7100 on 6 May. Installation of RC was pretty good and smooth, one of the best feature I seen that, I did not required to install any drivers. […]

  • Virtual Wifi Brings Mesh Networks to Windows 7

    Wifi mesh networks certainly aren’t a new idea. Heck, it’s a trick even the inexpensive OLPC XO Laptop can pull off. Utilizing a project Microsoft Research began working on in 2002, Windows 7 will allow us to connect to multiple wireless access points or act as a repeater using a single wireless adapter. Does your […]

  • Is Windows 7 Driver FREE?

    If someone want to install a new Operating System on their machine, first thing come into their mind….oops I will need to get drivers first before installing…and also some others questions regarding the compatibility of the software which they are using. As I had already written about an article on ” 12 Days with Windows […]

  • Free Nero 9 Download – CD/DVD Burning with Nero Software

    To grab users attention by providing free tools with limited features, is becoming a hot trend now a days. Recently Norton IS’09 free version was announced and now NERO doing the trick. This version of NERO does not require any crack, keygen or serial product key. The NERO 9 Free Edition supports only following features […]

  • Cloud Microsoft Office 365 Goes into Public Beta

    Microsoft has officially announced that its new “cloud” products Office 365 , announced in October last year and is a package of new generation services, has become available as a public beta. Which allows businesses and organizations rent necessary for standard software (Office, SharePoint, Exchange, etc.) in the form of services. The new project represents […]

  • A Multitouch Table with 3D Tracking – Sony atracTable

    Few weeks back Sony unveiled its HD screen device called the Sony atracTable. This device has a 35 inch, full Hi-Definition touch screen. Developed by a Swiss company, Atractsys, the atracTable will be launched sometime this month, and is bringing significant competition to Microsoft Surface. The Sony atracTable will be able to recognize the movements […]

  • 80% of Companies Plan to Upgrade to Windows 7 in 2010

    Despite the fact that Microsoft has steadfastly refused to provide statistics on adoption of Windows 7 in a corporate environment, a company specializing in automated test applications for compatibility, says that current levels of adoption is very high. Under the company ChangeBASE , developer AOK, no less than 80% of its customers planning to migrate […]

  • Microsoft Research’s 3D Multi-touch Technology

    Multi-touch interaction has always been a dream of the future. Movies like Ironman 2 and Minority Report, present 3D multi-touch systems as an advanced technology available only in the world of science fiction. But Microsoft Research is turning fantasy into reality. At the 2010 Computer-Human Interaction Conference MSR (Microsoft Research) revealed that it has been […]