Category: Mozilla Firefox

  • Monitors Pages for Activity – Check4Change – on Website

    Firefox only (Windows/Mac/Linux): Check4Change is a simple Firefox extension that monitors web-pages for changes at a user-determined interval. Once installed, you can select and right-click text on any page, then simply choose a time interval for refresh. When a change occurs, the following notifications occur based on your preferences: The tab icon becomes a little […]

  • Add Bing Search Engine to Firefox Search Box

    As Bing is getting popular now-a-days and many people have started using this as their default search engine, adding Microsoft Bing search engine to your firefox would be great  deal to save your time and make searching faster. We need to add Bing Search engine extension for Firefox to do this. Add Bing Search Engine […]

  • Make invisible/secret icon in Windows 7 Taskbar

    Its been a year or more while I started using Windows 7 and officially it was launched few months ago. Anyways, you might have seen the simplicity and usefulness of this dock type taskbar. Even this dock is quite easy to launch programs and if you have not used it then head on to my […]