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  • Windows XP to Windows 7 – Transformation Pack

    Its almost a month since Windows 7 beta experience program had been closed .Geeks and and Windows Vista users now have Windows 7 on their desktop.Or probably they have the opportunity .But still many people are using Windows XP as their default OS .Cause they don’t have enough RAM and other system resources that offer […]

  • How to Make Fake Pen/USB/Flash Drive Genuine/reset to Original Capacity?

    **I have changed some of the facts about USB Pen Drive, like from where I bought and related to its manufacturing company. Few months ago I bought a supposedly 8GB USB drive pretty cheaply from a person. Luckily for me a user messaged me with their suspicions that the seller was selling hacked drives. For […]

  • Make Windows 7 Fast with Small Tweaks – Tricks included

    Like the earlier versions of Windows, Windows 7 allow its users to make changes to registry entries to personalize their systems settings. Listed below are a few of these tweaks that you can use to customize your Windows 7 Operating System according to your wish. Always remember to backup your Windows Registry before you make […]