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  • Save Money by Making Your Own Ringtones – Create Ringtone Online

    Web application Make Own Ringtone creates ringtones from your own music files with an easy to use interface and optionally sends them directly to your phone via SMS or email. Using the application is as simple as uploading your music files in MP3, WMA or OGG format, dragging the sliders to the point of the […]

  • Run Mobile Java Applications on Computer PC

    Mobile applications/games based on java have .jar format. So, it not possible to run thsese type of app. directly on computer. First of all, Why do we want to run these app on computer, as these these can easily run on mobile? Well, to try the apps before installing/transferring on mobile handset and this saves […]

  • Get New e-mail Alert through SMS for FREE

    Had quite busy week, got some time to write about this new service. In real you can’t call its a service as this is a form of tweak to get SMS alert of new mails arriving on Gmail. Actually, this tweak uses the same Google Calendar SMS platform which I had discussed few weeks ago […]

  • Develop Android App – Without Programming Skills

    Earlier this month, I received my invitation of App Inventor for Android from Google. This web based tool makes it easy for anyone to create Android applications without having to know how to write in a programming language. Instead of writing code, you design the application visually by solving puzzles! According to the principle, it […]

  • App Stores for Desktop, Notebook, Tablet and Mobile

    For long time iTunes was the leader as a distributor of content for mobile devices. However, the end of 2010 was rich in its unique appearance: most of the major companies producing mobile devices or software for them, opened their stores to sell content for desktop, netbooks, smartphones and tablets. In general, such services offer […]

  • Run Android App on Windows PC

    Startup company BlueStacks has developed Android environment for Windows. It enable running Android-application without leaving Windows, i.e. within Windows PC. Of course, these simulators have already existed before, but they all strongly reduced productivity, and worked with all the explicit lags and delays. BlueStacks decided to abandon the classical simulation, and implemented everything as a […]

  • The Future of BlackBerry: Where can the Manufacturer Go?

    The once mighty BlackBerry is now facing irrelevancy. Its mobile division is seeing declining sales every quarter, with the last quarter one of the world in BlackBerry’s illustrious history. The Canadian organization based out of Waterloo is now trying to sell itself to buyers, and while a deal was thought to have been finalised with […]

  • How to Make Free Phone Call from Android Mobile & Tablet?

    Few months ago I posted about the Free Software which you can use to make free call to mobile from PC. Now there is no denial that we have become app-centric and started using more of android device. An app for everything- Yes, that is the norm! From finding directions to locating people, there is […]

  • Find Mobile Location with Mobile Number Locator

    Searching for someone’s mobile phone number can be tough, or even impossible. Naturally, a primary reason that individuals buy a mobile phone is for them to get some measure of privacy. Furthermore, phone books usually do not carry listings of mobile phone numbers, so there is absolutely no paper trail to check out. Find Location […]

  • 5 Wearable Gadgets That Will Change The Way You Use Technology

    Apart from making life smoother, Gadgets have become the benchmark for our style as well as our personality. We pick out gadgets that would compliment us more. Whether its the tablet, or a geeky t-shirt or Mac, we just love to associate ourselves with them. It’s time to take this association one level up. Thanks […]