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  • Which is Better 32-bit or 64-bit? – A Comparison

    Do you run a 64-bit or 32-bit operating system? or which version of Operating System better to have? If you do not know the answer to this question, you probably do not. 32 -bit and 64-bit versions of Windows is very similar to each other, so that each version of the OS can not be […]

  • Make invisible/secret icon in Windows 7 Taskbar

    Its been a year or more while I started using Windows 7 and officially it was launched few months ago. Anyways, you might have seen the simplicity and usefulness of this dock type taskbar. Even this dock is quite easy to launch programs and if you have not used it then head on to my […]

  • 5 Best Blogs Related to Microsoft – Get Updates from Microsoft

    With the evolution of Blog, which turned to a great tool to share information fast and quick round the world. There are many blogs which are related to Microsoft Technologies but here I am going to mention the best which are very close to Microsoft. So, be ready to bookmark them. Lets Begin the list […]

  • Download Valentines Day Theme Pack

    Download Free Valentines Day Theme Pack for Windows 7/Vista and Windows XP. Click Here to Download. On new page Click on “ Regular Download “ button, wait for few seconds to begin download.

  • Why Windows MultiPoint Server 2010 is Important for College/School?

    What to do when you need a large number of computers at Lab. at very cheap cost? The idea is simple, lets cut the cost of multiple CPUs, have single to power all the terminals i.e. monitor, keyboard and mouse. Here “Windows MultiPoint Server 2010” comes which will definitely solve your problem and save a […]

  • Download the Latest Extreme Trim Windows 7 Installer ISO

    Windows 7 have a lot of applications, fitting according to users requirement and if you do not want some of the apps to install, which will significantly increases speed. To do so, there is an application called “RT Se7en“ to extremely customize and modify Windows 7 installer ISO. Not just removing elements but you can […]

  • Microsoft Research’s 3D Multi-touch Technology

    Multi-touch interaction has always been a dream of the future. Movies like Ironman 2 and Minority Report, present 3D multi-touch systems as an advanced technology available only in the world of science fiction. But Microsoft Research is turning fantasy into reality. At the 2010 Computer-Human Interaction Conference MSR (Microsoft Research) revealed that it has been […]

  • Test-drive Windows 7 Online Before Buying

    In case you are using Home windows Vista or Windows XP and planning to buy Windows 7, then there’s a cool website to check drive Windows 7 professional that you can test the interface of the brand new OS before shopping for it. It offers you chance to attempt most of its vital features like […]

  • Download Fresh Flowers Theme Pack

    Download Free Fresh Flowers Theme Pack for Windows 7/Vista and Windows XP. Download it from here: – For Windows XP users, rename the file extension to .zip and extract the wallpapers to set desktop background.