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  • 12 Days with Windows 7 RC – Windows 7 Review

    Since Beta stage of Windows 7, i am using it as primary Operating System on my HP Pavilion laptop, which was 64-bit. And also installed 32-bit RC Built.7100 on 6 May. Installation of RC was pretty good and smooth, one of the best feature I seen that, I did not required to install any drivers. […]

  • Virtual Wifi Brings Mesh Networks to Windows 7

    Wifi mesh networks certainly aren’t a new idea. Heck, it’s a trick even the inexpensive OLPC XO Laptop can pull off. Utilizing a project Microsoft Research began working on in 2002, Windows 7 will allow us to connect to multiple wireless access points or act as a repeater using a single wireless adapter. Does your […]

  • Is Windows 7 Driver FREE?

    If someone want to install a new Operating System on their machine, first thing come into their mind….oops I will need to get drivers first before installing…and also some others questions regarding the compatibility of the software which they are using. As I had already written about an article on ” 12 Days with Windows […]

  • Add Bing Search Engine to Firefox Search Box

    As Bing is getting popular now-a-days and many people have started using this as their default search engine, adding Microsoft Bing search engine to your firefox would be great  deal to save your time and make searching faster. We need to add Bing Search engine extension for Firefox to do this. Add Bing Search Engine […]

  • Pimp Volume Control in Windows – Style the Windows Volume Control

    Pimp your desktop with beautiful volume control notification and volume hot hot-key with 3RVX . Its a free application to enhance the experience on PC. You can manage volume control with the keyboard assigned. Its a small application packed with beautiful themes which popup on screen with sound during volume adjustment. You can also control […]

  • The Comparison : Zune HD vs. iPod Touch

    Since, both portable media players are out now. Also the problem of making choice getting difficult, as both has got something new to suit the requirement of individuals. So, why not have a look on comparison chart which I collected from different sources. iPod Nano also got many new features but I decided not to […]

  • Get the Best Antivirus Software for Windows PC

    When it comes to secure system/PC from the Virus, Trojan, Malware, etc., which ever not acceptable to PC health, I have seen many people using their Brain more than the system resources. I mean to say, they either go for installing more than 1 antivirus or install so many fake antivirus tools that affects PC […]

  • Get Latest News Headlines Direct on Desktop Screen

    One of the best feature introduced by Microsoft is Desktop Gadgets in Windows Vista and Windows 7 too. But when you will open this widget/gadget you will only see the news from msn news website. Further if you will look into the options to configure it you will only see the options  “Feeds for United […]

  • Turn Your PC into Wireless Access Point with Connectify

    Sometimes we need to share internet connection with another device – for instance, the friend/relative notebook who visit occasionally. And before that we need a wireless router, or had to sacrifice our internet connection. However, users of Windows 7 can avoid such problems as they have much smarter solution. How to Use Laptop as Wifi […]

  • Downlaod New Gadgets for Windows 7 Superbar

    After the introduction of Windows Vista sidebar gadgets and Windows 7 gadgets, so many of them came out which simplified a lot of work and enhanced the look of desktop. Now its the time to customise Windows 7 taskbar i.e. Superbar, to get most out of it. In this series of customising it, I had […]