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  • 6 Best iPhone and iPad Apps For Students

    Both for communication and studying, iPhone marked to be the best smartphone available in the market for the student population. Just April of last year, one-third of U.S high school students were reported owning an iPhone while college students accounted almost 95%. With the huge percentage of ownership of the device amongst students, there came […]

  • 7 Best iPhone Apps of 2014 To Educate Your Kids

    Almost everyone are already using smart phones nowadays. The use of these devices enable us to learn and teach in easy ways. In the whole new way of learning in this modern day, we can now use apps and games to educate children. Check these seven of the best iOS applications that will help your […]

  • List of Top 8 iPhone Music Apps for Sound Creators

    Music is a mystery. New technologies like iPhone make it closer for everyday life. However, there are many professionals among us who are looking not only for inspiration, but also for special apps that help to create music on the go or record sounds as if you are in sound recording studio. Today, we’ll check […]

  • A Social Aware Centralized Contact Management System

    How do you feel when you get a mail from unknown address? And when you get to know that person as soon as you open that mail. Hopefully you will feel more comfertable in second case as compared to first one. Yes, it is possible and this feature can be integrated directly with Gmail and […]