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  • Get Best Deal on Online Shopping in India

    Today, we have a lot of e-commerce websites in India and ofcourse one is different from another in many ways. Whether its price, range of product, service reliability or support in terms of pre or post sales everyone is unique. Lets talk about the price of the product, which I think most of you would […]

  • Shop and Save More with Coupon Codes in India

    Few months back I wrote about How to Get best deal on online shopping in India, and showed you how I saved on purchasing Books from by using Google Shopping option. Since, then I have become fan of Google Shopping Search. This post is all about how to Shop and Save more with Coupon Codes. […]

  • Play Super Mario Bros Online – Latest HTML5 Online Game

    Remember, last time you asked your friend and downloaded the emulator to play old school games like Super Mario. We also covered about the emulators to play all the 8 Bit games on PC back in 2009! Out of all those game from 8-bit world, Super Mario Bros is favorite for almost everyone. Well, I have […]

  • How to Update your DNS with OpenDNS – A Guide for DNS Settings

    We come across internet outage very frequently, so many times there is an issue with DNS setting of the Internet Service Provider. This outage issue can be resolved easily by using alternative DNS Settings. This OpenDNS Guide will answer not only “What is DNS?” but also provide you with important information about the OpenDNS family […]

  • Easily Unlist and Remove Your Number from TrueCaller

    Over the past few months, TrueCaller has helped us in tracing the mobile number well ahead in advance, before picking up the phone. Yes, it is of great use and when we get spam call notification, we can disconnect the call or don’t pickup the same. How TrueCaller guess who is calling? When some smart phone user install TrueCaller app […]

  • Fix Google Chrome Crash Problem After Update – Resolved

    I have almost migrated to Google Chrome browser. For last 2-3 months I am using it as default browser, as of now it has got a lot of useful extensions which add many new features while browsing. While I updated it from previous older version to new one, it started reacting as I had done […]

  • Download Your Tagged Photos from Facebook with PhotoGrabber

    Did you know that Facebook is one of the largest photo sharing sites on the web? Well, it is. Photo sharing is just one of the many features of Facebook. With Facebooks photo sharing system you are automatically given permission to view any photo that you have been tagged in. How to Download Tagged Photos […]

  • 10 Simple Tips to Protect PC from Viruses – Windows Tips

    Was little busy with my college works, so I was not able to write for few weeks. Now I am back. Well, lets start of with the problem. If your computer is infected, it can suddenly turn off, found that certain files are missing or do not open, or programs work slow. Should I ignore […]

  • Customize your Google Ads Preferences Which You See?

    Did you know you can customize ads which you view on lot of websites through Google adsence program? You can customize it in different ways according to your interest and even completely turn it off, when you don’t want to see ads on website through Google. You can select from wide category of interests ranging from Art & […]

  • Get Full Version PC Software for Free | Free Software

    Everyone likes offer and freeware, so why not have full version PC software for Free of cost? Until, my journey to internet started, there came a lot of websites which provided a lot of offers and freebies. Yet here are few very legal and genuine websites which provide software as freebies and giveaways. So, don’t miss […]