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  • Make invisible/secret icon in Windows 7 Taskbar

    Its been a year or more while I started using Windows 7 and officially it was launched few months ago. Anyways, you might have seen the simplicity and usefulness of this dock type taskbar. Even this dock is quite easy to launch programs and if you have not used it then head on to my […]

  • Use Problem Steps Recorder (PSR) as Screenshot Tool

    Problem Steps Recorder-PSR which was introduced in Windows 7 is very useful tool for recording the problem and sending it a problem solver or tech supports. If you don’t know what is PSR then you can see my previous post about it, Problem Steps Recorder Overview . Few days ago I realised that PSR can […]

  • Get SMS alerts before your Friend’s Birthday

    S2WU3JVH5UZF I was forgetting my friends/relatives Birthday! And thought what could be the smarter way to remember these important dates. Either storing them in Mobile’s calendar or remembering them in mind. Thinking to store in mind – can’t store too many dates. Storing in mobile – Technology is changing, mobile set also change after days!But fortunately, there […]

  • Free Farmville Hack/Cheat that Really Works on Facebook

    There are millions of cheat and hack for Farmville on internet. But few seems to work, oops not few but very few! Also, many are distributing trojans, spywares and virus in the name of hacking application. Most of them are either fake or waste time. Keeping all those things apart, here I am going to […]

  • Search Torrent Safely with our Google Chrome Extensions

    Search Torrent Safely with our Google Chrome Extensions

    Downloading video, music, game and other file is a common activity among all. But finding genuine source to download is the first and most challenging step. Again, downloading from torrents- a source of virus, worms, trojan with fake files for newbie. Why not save all those wasted wasted efforts by searching torrent files through a […]

  • Lets Create Incredible 3D Avatars Online with Avatara

    For today’s online social life having an avatar to represent you is a must. But some people just don’t like taking photos because of the way they turn out, some others like having the “gamer look”, but sometimes online communication and media are a lot better with avatars. The issue is that with most online […]