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  • Windows XP to Windows 7 – Transformation Pack

    Its almost a month since Windows 7 beta experience program had been closed .Geeks and and Windows Vista users now have Windows 7 on their desktop.Or probably they have the opportunity .But still many people are using Windows XP as their default OS .Cause they don’t have enough RAM and other system resources that offer […]

  • Run Mobile Java Applications on Computer PC

    Mobile applications/games based on java have .jar format. So, it not possible to run thsese type of app. directly on computer. First of all, Why do we want to run these app on computer, as these these can easily run on mobile? Well, to try the apps before installing/transferring on mobile handset and this saves […]

  • Test Your Internet Speed For Free – Online

    Did this web page loads slowly for you ? Did you get low Download speed as promised by your ISP previously ? You might have internet speed problem. Here are the tips, where you can check your Internet Speed for free online. Speak Easy – You can chose lots of locations to check on your […]

  • Share Your Computer with Researcher while Idle – PC for Royal Use

    What your computer does while it is on and you are not doing any work on it? Or while your computer is engaged in downloading stuffs overnight? The CPU remains idle and uses it as little as possible but consumes power. So, at that time why not use the wasted power in useful way? Like, […]

  • Make Internet Explorer 8 Fast Again – Re-configure IE

    I’m using Internet Explorer 8 in Windows 7, since Beta and now windows 7 RC. But after some days of use of Windows 7 the speed of IE8 decreases. I mean the start up time and the time taken to open a new tab in IE8 increases, this makes the surfing dull. But the solution […]

  • Get New e-mail Alert through SMS for FREE

    Had quite busy week, got some time to write about this new service. In real you can’t call its a service as this is a form of tweak to get SMS alert of new mails arriving on Gmail. Actually, this tweak uses the same Google Calendar SMS platform which I had discussed few weeks ago […]

  • How to Make Fake Pen/USB/Flash Drive Genuine/reset to Original Capacity?

    **I have changed some of the facts about USB Pen Drive, like from where I bought and related to its manufacturing company. Few months ago I bought a supposedly 8GB USB drive pretty cheaply from a person. Luckily for me a user messaged me with their suspicions that the seller was selling hacked drives. For […]

  • Activate Media Player Control Buttons in Laptop Touchpad

    There are lot of features that exist in the small touchpad, which is used as primary device to control mouse on laptop. Physically there are two buttons which are used for left and right clicks. But virtually there are four more buttons on touchpad itself (at each corner). Well, these four buttons are not visible […]

  • 12 Days with Windows 7 RC – Windows 7 Review

    Since Beta stage of Windows 7, i am using it as primary Operating System on my HP Pavilion laptop, which was 64-bit. And also installed 32-bit RC Built.7100 on 6 May. Installation of RC was pretty good and smooth, one of the best feature I seen that, I did not required to install any drivers. […]

  • How to Delete your Social Networking Accounts with Online Tool

    Deleting accounts for social networking and other community sites can be very difficult and frustrating. Social networking sites need your accounts to improve their statistics and don’t want you to delete them. With Delete Your Account the difficulty of deleting your information from such sites is almost non-existent. Delete Your Account is an online resource that […]