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  • What is Google Wave in plain English

    From the beginning of this month Google started sending invitations for Google Wave to selected people , who are developers , tech. enthusiast and closer to Google. And sent 100,000 invitation. Since then, A lot of discussions are going on web, about this wave. As very few people got invitation, and those who were lucky […]

  • How Much do You Google? See Your Search History

    Today, I saw “Web History” of my searches at and got some interesting facts about my searches! Well don’t take it as the History of Google, it is the personal search history collected by google, which you search from it. For a long time, I mean from 2007 they are collecting the search history. […]

  • How to embed Google Wave on Blogger or WordPress blogs

    For last one month I have been using Google Wave and also sent many invites to friends and others. Also watched full video of Google Wave I/O developer conference and here I posted a short article to brief out the features and advantages : What is Google Wave in plain English A week ago I […]

  • Fix Google Chrome Crash Problem After Update – Resolved

    I have almost migrated to Google Chrome browser. For last 2-3 months I am using it as default browser, as of now it has got a lot of useful extensions which add many new features while browsing. While I updated it from previous older version to new one, it started reacting as I had done […]

  • Customize your Google Ads Preferences Which You See?

    Did you know you can customize ads which you view on lot of websites through Google adsence program? You can customize it in different ways according to your interest and even completely turn it off, when you don’t want to see ads on website through Google. You can select from wide category of interests ranging from Art & […]

  • Improving Education with free Web 2.0 Tools – Tools for Education

    Education is becoming more dynamic, networked and increasingly electronic. We live in a world of Internet social networks, blogs, digital audio and video content, etc. On one hand it allows to have unrestricted access to the world’s best educational resources on the other side look as all this variety and trained to use it – Oh, […]

  • Easiest Way to Share Wonderful Images Online

    Remember how often you come across a situation where you need to urgently show companion for “Photos”, or in a video/ picture? You must attempted to send it using the same client, which communicates, or open the mailbox, attached a picture to the letter and sent. Such a set of action brings boredom, and the […]

  • Get Best Deal on Online Shopping in India

    Today, we have a lot of e-commerce websites in India and ofcourse one is different from another in many ways. Whether its price, range of product, service reliability or support in terms of pre or post sales everyone is unique. Lets talk about the price of the product, which I think most of you would […]

  • Get SMS alerts before your Friend’s Birthday

    S2WU3JVH5UZF I was forgetting my friends/relatives Birthday! And thought what could be the smarter way to remember these important dates. Either storing them in Mobile’s calendar or remembering them in mind. Thinking to store in mind – can’t store too many dates. Storing in mobile – Technology is changing, mobile set also change after days!But fortunately, there […]