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  • The Comparison : Zune HD vs. iPod Touch

    Since, both portable media players are out now. Also the problem of making choice getting difficult, as both has got something new to suit the requirement of individuals. So, why not have a look on comparison chart which I collected from different sources. iPod Nano also got many new features but I decided not to […]

  • From Gamer to Creator through Programming Skills

    Many avid gamers are taking their passions and developing a lucrative career every day in programming. Anything that deals with the word “programming” has an intimidation factor to most individuals, but it really shouldn’t. There are over 4 billion people on this planet that play video games. This staggering number averages to over 3 billion […]

  • A Multitouch Table with 3D Tracking – Sony atracTable

    Few weeks back Sony unveiled its HD screen device called the Sony atracTable. This device has a 35 inch, full Hi-Definition touch screen. Developed by a Swiss company, Atractsys, the atracTable will be launched sometime this month, and is bringing significant competition to Microsoft Surface. The Sony atracTable will be able to recognize the movements […]