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  • How to Schedule Email and Setup E-mail Reminder for Free

    Most people spend about 50% of their work day checking, deleting, and replying to emails. It often feels like email is taking over our lives, and not just those junk emails. Even the useful and essential emails need management and organization. That’s where email plug-ins come in, helping you organize and schedule your emails, even […]

  • Make Windows 7 Fast with Small Tweaks – Tricks included

    Like the earlier versions of Windows, Windows 7 allow its users to make changes to registry entries to personalize their systems settings. Listed below are a few of these tweaks that you can use to customize your Windows 7 Operating System according to your wish. Always remember to backup your Windows Registry before you make […]

  • Reduce Start-up time of Windows by Removing Ghosted Drivers

    Are you aware that your computer could be full of Ghosted Devices? Much like humans fear real ghosts, your Personal Computer is also afraid of these virtual ghosts. These ghosts can cause your computer to start up and run at a speed slower than usual. Ghosted Devices are also known as Hidden Devices, these devices […]

  • How to Synchronize File Across Computer & Mobile Device?

    I’m sure many who have a computer at home and at work, often face problem with the synchronization of files between two computers. Someone uses a flash drive for this, some external hard drive, and some throws (if the information is not much) information by e-mail at home/work address. As an example, let’s say, passwords […]

  • App Stores for Desktop, Notebook, Tablet and Mobile

    For long time iTunes was the leader as a distributor of content for mobile devices. However, the end of 2010 was rich in its unique appearance: most of the major companies producing mobile devices or software for them, opened their stores to sell content for desktop, netbooks, smartphones and tablets. In general, such services offer […]

  • Customize your Google Ads Preferences Which You See?

    Did you know you can customize ads which you view on lot of websites through Google adsence program? You can customize it in different ways according to your interest and even completely turn it off, when you don’t want to see ads on website through Google. You can select from wide category of interests ranging from Art & […]

  • Get Full Version PC Software for Free | Free Software

    Everyone likes offer and freeware, so why not have full version PC software for Free of cost? Until, my journey to internet started, there came a lot of websites which provided a lot of offers and freebies. Yet here are few very legal and genuine websites which provide software as freebies and giveaways. So, don’t miss […]

  • Improving Education with free Web 2.0 Tools – Tools for Education

    Education is becoming more dynamic, networked and increasingly electronic. We live in a world of Internet social networks, blogs, digital audio and video content, etc. On one hand it allows to have unrestricted access to the world’s best educational resources on the other side look as all this variety and trained to use it – Oh, […]

  • Easiest Way to Share Wonderful Images Online

    Remember how often you come across a situation where you need to urgently show companion for “Photos”, or in a video/ picture? You must attempted to send it using the same client, which communicates, or open the mailbox, attached a picture to the letter and sent. Such a set of action brings boredom, and the […]

  • Browser Based Operating Systems Reviewed

    Every day technology gets updated, from computer to laptop to PDA’s and now smartphone! Even our very own operating system are getting new features and platform to fulfill their custom needs. For past few years I have been living on internet, doing a lot of stuff from the internet browser only. Sometimes, when internet goes […]