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  • Easiest Way to Download Youtube Videos – Video Dowloader

    After a list of options on how to download youtube videos, this is the easiest way to download youtube videos. You just have to add 3 letters in the URL of the youtube video, and that’s enough for you to download the video. This is Pwn! Youtube. A nice service which lets you download youtube […]

  • How to Capture Full Screenshot of the Webpage – Online

    Ever wanted to take screenshot of your webpage. In simple you can capture screenshot of your opened webpage by pressing “Prt Scr” in your keyboard and paste into paint editor and edit the captured screenshot as you like. But from this you can’t take full screenshot of the webpage. Here’s the 2 online thumbnail generator […]

  • How to Make Fake Pen/USB/Flash Drive Genuine/reset to Original Capacity?

    **I have changed some of the facts about USB Pen Drive, like from where I bought and related to its manufacturing company. Few months ago I bought a supposedly 8GB USB drive pretty cheaply from a person. Luckily for me a user messaged me with their suspicions that the seller was selling hacked drives. For […]

  • 4 Disposable Email Services to Fight Spam – Temporary E-mails

    If you’re looking for a little anonymity and security when signing up for download links or invite codes, a disposable email service is a good option. Instead of providing one of your working email addresses, just grab a meaningless temporary one from any of these sites and keep your identity hidden. These four sites all […]

  • Free Nero 9 Download – CD/DVD Burning with Nero Software

    To grab users attention by providing free tools with limited features, is becoming a hot trend now a days. Recently Norton IS’09 free version was announced and now NERO doing the trick. This version of NERO does not require any crack, keygen or serial product key. The NERO 9 Free Edition supports only following features […]

  • Pimp Volume Control in Windows – Style the Windows Volume Control

    Pimp your desktop with beautiful volume control notification and volume hot hot-key with 3RVX . Its a free application to enhance the experience on PC. You can manage volume control with the keyboard assigned. Its a small application packed with beautiful themes which popup on screen with sound during volume adjustment. You can also control […]

  • Improving Education with free Web 2.0 Tools – Tools for Education

    Education is becoming more dynamic, networked and increasingly electronic. We live in a world of Internet social networks, blogs, digital audio and video content, etc. On one hand it allows to have unrestricted access to the world’s best educational resources on the other side look as all this variety and trained to use it – Oh, […]

  • Easiest Way to Share Wonderful Images Online

    Remember how often you come across a situation where you need to urgently show companion for “Photos”, or in a video/ picture? You must attempted to send it using the same client, which communicates, or open the mailbox, attached a picture to the letter and sent. Such a set of action brings boredom, and the […]

  • Browser Based Operating Systems Reviewed

    Every day technology gets updated, from computer to laptop to PDA’s and now smartphone! Even our very own operating system are getting new features and platform to fulfill their custom needs. For past few years I have been living on internet, doing a lot of stuff from the internet browser only. Sometimes, when internet goes […]

  • 7 Most Productive Tools for Startup

    Being a start-up company, one think a lot before spending money on technology. And everything you want to be perfect and fast in first time itself. You do not want to take a lot of risk, invest time and money on adapting any technology. So, here I have prepared a list of 7 most productive […]