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  • Get New e-mail Alert through SMS for FREE

    Had quite busy week, got some time to write about this new service. In real you can’t call its a service as this is a form of tweak to get SMS alert of new mails arriving on Gmail. Actually, this tweak uses the same Google Calendar SMS platform which I had discussed few weeks ago […]

  • 4 Disposable Email Services to Fight Spam – Temporary E-mails

    If you’re looking for a little anonymity and security when signing up for download links or invite codes, a disposable email service is a good option. Instead of providing one of your working email addresses, just grab a meaningless temporary one from any of these sites and keep your identity hidden. These four sites all […]

  • Automatically Backup your Blog, Twitter, Facebook, E-mail for FREE

    Thinking of a service few days ago and its here on internet launched few days back ! Really amazing, actually, I was thinking of a service which could be able to automatically backup my blogger posts, twitter posts, and facebook posts. But what I got today is mor than enough! Yes, the service exists and […]

  • 12x Cheaper Mailchimp Alternatives for Email Marketing

    When we started updating our blog on a regular basis, we felt there is a need to send email updates to our subscribers on a regular basis to keep the visitors returning to our website. Initially we started to send updates with Google Feedburner Email Subscriber Update feature, which is of course free, but came […]

  • Unlimited Emails for 10,000 Subscribers at $20 – MailerLite Review

    As a Marketer, your every thought might just revolve around how to pull in more unique visits to your website, engage and retain them. In doing so, it is natural to scout for the best marketing tools. Of all strategies, it is highly believed that email campaigns strive to give better results when it comes […]