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  • Develop Android App – Without Programming Skills

    Earlier this month, I received my invitation of App Inventor for Android from Google. This web based tool makes it easy for anyone to create Android applications without having to know how to write in a programming language. Instead of writing code, you design the application visually by solving puzzles! According to the principle, it […]

  • Run Android App on Windows PC

    Startup company BlueStacks has developed Android environment for Windows. It enable running Android-application without leaving Windows, i.e. within Windows PC. Of course, these simulators have already existed before, but they all strongly reduced productivity, and worked with all the explicit lags and delays. BlueStacks decided to abandon the classical simulation, and implemented everything as a […]

  • How to Install and Run Facebook Home on Any Android

    Of-late Facebook released their new android app called Facebook Home for limited android devices. Its working fine for high end smart-phone and tablets. Today morning I discovered one xda-developer page where, the developer has ported it to other android devices too. Following the same I installed the Home on my Samsung Galaxy S II and to my […]

  • Why is Android so Important in India?

    With a 79.3% global marketshare (as per IDC), Android sure has become the dominant of the smartphone world. What’s more interesting is Android’s market share in India — a whopping 91 percent (in the second quarter of 2013). What has made Android such a ubiquitous mobile platform in this country? Let’s reverse the timeline a […]

  • 5 Reasons Why Windows Phone 7 is Better than Android

    While Windows Phone 7 isn’t the leading OS for mobile devices, there are reasons to make the switch and buy a Windows Phone 7 device instead of an Android device. Retailers usually push customers towards the iOS and Android devices because of their history as great devices fit for everyone. However, that same enthusiasm isn’t […]

  • Easily Unlist and Remove Your Number from TrueCaller

    Over the past few months, TrueCaller has helped us in tracing the mobile number well ahead in advance, before picking up the phone. Yes, it is of great use and when we get spam call notification, we can disconnect the call or don’t pickup the same. How TrueCaller guess who is calling? When some smart phone user install TrueCaller app […]

  • 15+ Tinder Alternatives that will Change Your Life!

    Tinder recently bagged the award of 2014 Editor’s Choice Top Pick- Innovative award. Launched in 2012, this app surpassed the active usage on Valentines’ Day, resulting in a 60% increase in matches. However, is Tinder the only player in the market? Are you looking for something different? Given the way online-dating is gaining pace, I […]

  • A Social Aware Centralized Contact Management System

    How do you feel when you get a mail from unknown address? And when you get to know that person as soon as you open that mail. Hopefully you will feel more comfertable in second case as compared to first one. Yes, it is possible and this feature can be integrated directly with Gmail and […]

  • How to Make Free Phone Call from Android Mobile & Tablet?

    Few months ago I posted about the Free Software which you can use to make free call to mobile from PC. Now there is no denial that we have become app-centric and started using more of android device. An app for everything- Yes, that is the norm! From finding directions to locating people, there is […]

  • 5 Wearable Gadgets That Will Change The Way You Use Technology

    Apart from making life smoother, Gadgets have become the benchmark for our style as well as our personality. We pick out gadgets that would compliment us more. Whether its the tablet, or a geeky t-shirt or Mac, we just love to associate ourselves with them. It’s time to take this association one level up. Thanks […]