How to Block Websites in Google Chrome Browser

Sometime you may want to block few websites on your computer. May be you are looking to concentrate more on your work and want to block social media websites like Facebook or Twitter. Yes, with Google Chrome Browser you can block websites in the same way you can block them on Internet Explorer (IE). It is easy to do and you do not need a plugin, however, there are a few plugins (extensions) that will allow you to block a website if you want to do it that way. The plugins are better for if you want to block a certain element of a website. For example, if you wanted to block the lingerie section of an online clothing store, yes you can do that with chrome plugin.

Block a Websites in Google Chrome Browser:

1. First, you launch Google Chrome. In the top right hand corner that is a wrench symbol. Click on the wrench and navigate to the “Settings.” Click “Show Advanced Settings“.


2. Once you are in Google Chrome options you need to select the “Change Proxy Settings” button.



3. You will see a security tab. You need to click the “Restricted Sites” bit. Now click on the site button.


You are given a place to type in your URL for the website you want to block. It is better to paste in the site you want to block. Here in this setting, you cannot block sections or categories, so it is better to paste in a clean domain name.

Once you have added your website domain you need to click on the “add” button. You have now added the website to your blocked list so you can close the window.


Why you may use a Google Chrome extension instead?

There is the reason mentioned in the introduction where you may block categories instead of being forced to block a whole website. Another reason you may use a plugin is because the method above is easy to reverse, you just remove the URL from the tool. If you are blocking to stop a child, than a child could read an article like this and remove the block. Here are few Google Chrome Plugins, which you can use to block websites:

  • Block Site – Add a website you want to block in the options and it is automatically blocked.
  • Adblock Plus – All in one plugin extension, which can be used to block ads, section or website or complete website.

Google Chrome blocks are easy to overcome because a person may use IE or Firefox and look at the website from there instead. In next post I will explain you how to block a website completely on your computer, so that no browser would be able to open it through out the system.

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